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Bathsheba Holidays in the Caribbean

Narrow roads would lead you to Bathsheba in Barbados, a fishing village that just takes your breath away with the beauty that it exudes. Situated in St. Joseph's parish, this village is well known for its the number of churches there that dates back many years ago in the 1800s. The village is also famous for its enticing beaches, the ideal place for staging local and international surfing. More than that the beaches boast of having pure white sand and rock formations which sometimes wash up on the shore.

Word has it that these formations are pieces of a coral reef that existed many years ago. As any other places that you go about Barbados, you would find some of the nicest people that you would ever meet. The people there are warm and always exchange pleasantries with those who pass along their way. 'Bathsheba offers many tourist attractions that consist of natural beauty and historical sites. There are also a few interesting places that you can visit that are close to Bathsheba; to do so you can either hire a car and get to your destination or you can wait for the tour bus to arrive at your hotel.

Among some of the tourist attractions that you would find here is Andromeda Botanic Gardens, which is situated on the fringes of Bathsheba. When you visit here you would see close to six acres of beautiful plants and flowers in all their glory; a sea of rich and beautiful colours that is worth capturing on film. At this garden one can find exotic plans, shrubs and even hybrids as well. The Botanic Gardens is situated on a cliff so be sure to wear comfortable shows you visit there.

Also, anyone who has been here would tell you that Barbados also has its fair share of lighthouses, those of which have been in existence for quite some time. The Harrison Point Lighthouse has been around since the early 1900s in the St. Lucy parish and it stands at a height of 193 feet.

On the southwest of Bridgetown is the Needham's Point Lighthouse which has been built in the 1800s. Standing at 43 feet, this lighthouse features a tower that showcases a gallery and a lantern.

Also built in the 1800s is the South Point Lighthouse, a gift to Barbados from London which stands at 189 feet just on the outskirts of Oistins. The lighthouse is visible from anywhere you go in Barbados, its red and white colour is indeed hard to miss.

Things to do in Bathsheba

Any tourist who has been to Bathesheba in Barbados would come away with collective conclusion that this area is Barbados at its best. This village which is away from the madding crowd is definitely where you would want to rest your head and relax a spell for your upcoming holiday. Stay at one of the hotels here which offer lots of amenities including pool, spa and entertainment or you can stay in one of the holiday homes nearby. The holiday homes feature modern architecture and is well decorated on the inside as they try to recreate a home-away-from-home atmosphere for take your comfort level into overdrive.

Commence your days of relaxation at the Bathsheba beach which is a great place for swimmers and surfers alike. The surfers love to show off their skills in the Soup Bowl area of the ocean, it was so named because of how soapy the surf is. The Soup Bowl is quite popular with surfers on both the local and international scene and is the place that hosts many surfing competitions.

The waters in the ocean can be challenging for even a skilful person who swims; sometimes the waves are so strong that they can pull you even further away from shore. However, there is the Bathsheba pools that you can waddle in for a few in shallow water. When you are at the Bathsheba pool you won't be too far away from the shoreline.

If you did not take advantage of enjoying a picnic at the beach, you can enjoy prepared meals or even a drink at one of the restaurants or bars along the way.

There are many dishes and drinks that are unique to Barbados and the rest of the Caribbean. You will find that the food here is a mix of all the Caribbean islands with English and African influences which makes it even more interesting.

Flying fish is a staple in Barbados and is best enjoyed when it is fried and placed within a hamburger bun. Flying fish is also paired with cou-cou a dish that is similar to that of Polenta, the only difference is that ochroes are added into the mix. To quench your thirst most natives would recommend that you have either an ice cold coconut water or a glass of Mauby, the latter a drink made from boiling the bark of a tree. Most who have tasted Mauby for the first time would tell you that it is indeed an acquired taste; its preliminary bitterness too much for one to withstand. Mauby is not only good for medicinal purposes it is also a recommended thirst quencher.

Perhaps you may be interested in shopping around for souvenir items. Barbados offers a lot of that and in variety as well. In downtown Bridgetown there are stores that sell everything from linen clothing, to craft items, pottery and snacks that are indigenous to the island.