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Barbuda Holidays

Barbuda remains and in all probability will for some time, as undeveloped as to seem almost deserted at certain moments. The majority of people here are guests and the island's small population live mostly around the town of Codrington.

As you can expect from such a relaxed island activities are low key, centring mainly around fishing and hunting and beachcombing along the northern shoreline. The island has ten miles of beautiful pink and white sand beaches, claimed to be the best in the Caribbean, so sunseekers will be kept happy. The few resorts on the island will offer their guests snorkelling, diving and watersports. For people who enjoy diving the island is surrounded by reefs and numerous wrecks so the problem would be spending time above the water rather than below it.

The island's resorts, although few, are luxurious. Barbuda is home to the K-Club, Coco Point Lodge and the Hotel Palmetto resorts, but there are also some other hotels and a number of guest houses which are comfortable.

Barbuda and Antigua are linked in history with the British only managing to colonise the island in 1680 after fighting back the Caribs and the nature of the place. The prominent family in Barbuda, the Codringtons were granted land and a number of reefs as a result of the colonisation and one of the black points on Barbuda's history is that it was used as a supply for slaves on Antigua's sugar plantations. The ruins of the Codrington estate,Highland House, sit on the island's highest point and it's a testament to the influence of the family that so many of the island's places are named after the Codrington family.

Another historical ruin is the Martello Tower, a defence point that guarded the island's south coast.

The beaches on Barbuda have no facilities, in fact unless you are on a hotel beach you won't find any other people! The hotels don't mind visitors using the beach but do ask that you keep to the waterline. The beaches can have dangerous currents at certain times of the year but children and non swimmers can find secluded safe spots and the millions of rock pools will keep the children occupied for hours. The weekends see the beaches come to life, as the locals take their weekend at the beach to heart and arrive complete with all the family and a picnic. So be prepared to find yourself joining an impromptu beach party!

The coastline is dotted with huge caves, ideal for exploring and the island offers a special shoreline tour so that you don't miss out on the best spots or you can travel inland on a bush safari and stop for a picnic amongst the colourful birds and then cooling off in the sea.

Barbuda is a twenty minute boat ride from Antigua and the most popular way of travelling around this little island is by bicycle, although there are plenty of island taxis. There are restaurants and bars dotted all over the island but expect more of a local atmosphere than something cosmopolitan. If you fancy a taste of the true Caribbean then Barbuda is the place for you, sit on the white sand, watch the sunset and join the locals as they race their horses every Sunday and sample real desert island life.