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Bahia Maimon Holidays

Bahia Maimon is an award winning Caribbean holiday destination with three of the most impressive and stylish hotels in the Dominican Republic. The resort is quiet and guests stay here because they want to get away from it all and just relax.

The three hotels are all inclusive but there are a handful of shops and a few bars locally. Everything that you would need can be found within the complex including evening cabaret shows that have a glowing reputation for being highly professional and hugely entertaining plus discos and a fantastic choice of restaurants. The hotels do share some activities so you can stay at one and take advantage of facilities at the others.

A favourite with newlyweds because of its romantic beaches and tranquil surroundings, Bahia Maimon has understandably been voted as having one of the top ten best beaches in the world. The trademark Caribbean white sands and crystal water are complemented by the rocky cliffs and palm groves behind the resort for an idyllic location that you will find hard to leave behind at the end of your stay.

If that's not enough to convince you that Bahia Maimon is a taste of paradise, further along from the beach you enter lagoon country. Dudu Blue Lagoon is a remarkable natural formation of freshwater pools, underwater tunnels, dry caves and the clearest water you can imagine. The best part is that you can swim, snorkel and scuba dive under the supervision of experts to a depth of 22 metres in some places. Although it is very popular and often busy there is no denying that you are unlikely to experience anything quite like it outside of the Caribbean.

If you can mange to drag yourself away from the beach and check out the surrounding area, there are plenty of day trips that are organised from the hotels such as hiking in the Cordillera Mountains with its magnificent views or enjoy a slice of luxury aboard a catamaran one day cruise along the coastline with all the trimmings. Drinks and entertainment are included plus a stopover at Sousa for snorkelling lessons along the coral reef.

Cayo Paraiso, or Paradise Island as it is also known, is a day trip to remember as you get to the island by speedboat and take a snorkelling tour around the shoreline.

For a more rugged adventure you can try a 4x4 jeep safari but do be prepared to get dirty, as these are proper off road vehicles. The half day trip involves crossing rivers, sightseeing through local villages, sugar plantations and a sugar factory under the supervision of a guide who tells you about the real Dominican lifestyle along the way.

The nearby town of Puerto Plata and where international flights for Bahia Maimon arrive, has a commercial shopping centre as well as markets where you can try out your haggling skills. It is generally acceptable to negotiate prices with smaller vendors but larger shops display fixed ticket prices and that is what you should expect to pay.

Bahia Maimon offers the best of both worlds for a perfect getaway. It's within easy travelling distance of some amazing sights or you can stay within the resort and have access to a host of luxury facilities without leaving the complex.