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Brava Cape Verde

The Cape Verde Islands are made up of ten individually exotic islands, nine of which are inhabited and all of which offer the lure of an unspoilt paradise. Each island offers something uniquely different, as they all have variation in their landscapes which are exciting to explore and enjoy. Most of the islands have spectacular sandy beaches and beautiful lush green foliage, contrasted with rugged coastlines. In short, the Cape Verde Islands have everything you could dream of in a tropical and exotic destination.

Located between Portugal and the West Coast of Africa, these islands are becoming the newest hot-spot for UK, Irish and European holidaymakers because until recently, they have managed to avoid tourist attention which explains why these Islands are probably not somewhere you have heard of. Cape Verde is still a third world developing country and as such, the islands are starting to benefit from the arrival of lots of new visitors and they are enjoying the development that this brings, making them a sought after holiday destination. Visitors tend not to roam too far away from Sal, which is home to the main international airport; however, each of the other islands that make up this archipelago have much to offer and are well worth a visit.

Infrastructure on the islands is improving, however, access to some of the islands is slightly more tricky and will require careful planning together with flexibility and one such island is Brava which is the smallest of the islands and which lies furthest south. Brava, unlike its counterparts, can be wet and misty and does not offer the typical tropical beach holiday, however, it is a beautiful island and if walking is your passion, then a visit to Brava would provide you with some of the most amazing scenery you have seen. As Brava has 15 youthful volcanic craters and is the most western of the southern Cape Verde Islands, it is considered likely that it will experience a volcanic eruption in the future. Brava is a very mountainous island and has deep ravines, although due to the amount of rainfall it experiences, Brava is an island that is abundant with colourful flowers and many very pretty gardens.

Getting to the Cape Verde Islands is now easier than ever before with direct flights from London Gatwick, Manchester and Birmingham Airports to Sal, which will take approximately six hours, depending where you fly from. Once in Sal, another domestic flight will take you to Fogo, where you will then need to take a ferry to Brava. There is a lovely motel situated in Faja d'Agua which offers excellent value for money and views over a beach of black boulders. The motel owner provides a taxi service to and from the port as part of the service. You will find breath taking scenery and a warm welcome from the friendly locals and Faja d'Agua is considered the best place to be on the island, as it escapes much of the fog and mist. Faja d'Agua is a small fishing village which is tucked in at the bottom of a mountain and therefore sheltered.

Once you are settled in Brava, you will find there are more towns and villages to explore, the most beautiful of which is considered to be Nova Sintra which also has a hotel, a church and a bar. This village has been named after a town called Sintra in Portugal as they have similar topographies. Property here is old colonial and the gardens are spectacular. There is a mountain village in Nossa Senhora do Monte offering magnificent views and another fishing port in Furna. Brava's farmland can be found in Fonte da Virgem where terraces are carved out of the mountainside to grow crops. Brava produces coffee, sugar cane, corn and potatoes and their fishing produce includes tuna, lobster, limpet and conch. You will also find that English is widely spoken in Brava. Getting around the island will most likely involve walking, however, there are a few taxi services but the transport systems to and from the island are not reliable which is why some flexibility will be needed when arranging a visit here.

Brava offers walkers some of the most spectacular scenery and is considered by many to be a walkers' paradise! Guided walks in small groups usually start in Nova Sintra and can take you all round the island. Depending on your energy levels you could climb Monte Fontainhas which is the island's highest peak, or stroll through the island's pretty villages and cobbled streets, descending valleys and enjoying all the island has to offer. Brava, although least visited, is definitely worth the effort.