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Holidays in Tias

The old town of Tias in Lanzarote is usually eclipsed by the glitzy Puerto del Carmen which can be seen below from a good vantage point.

But don’t be too quick to rule this town out when you are considering an island in the sun for your holiday. For when it comes to beauty and attractions Tias is classic Lanzarote, an attribute that attracts ex-pats and even Nobel Peace Prize winner Jose Saramago who also calls Tias his home. The back end story of Tias is indeed an interesting one.

The year 1493 marked the time that the first settlers were in Tias. Back then the Gran Canaria governor Alonso Fojardo thought it fit to make the town after his town aunts and it was known as Tias (Spanish word for aunt) Fojardo. The Fojardo part of the town’s name was eventually dropped.

The rise of Tias’ economic status actually came out of what could be described as a natural disaster for it was the volcanic eruptions back in the 1730’s and the lava spill that drove most of the farmers to take up residence in Tias. These farmers were responsible for the striving agricultural aspect of Tias and this is in addition to the town’s already successful fishing business. Soon enough Tias became a great place for trade and other commercial services. The tourism aspect of Tias was realised in the 1970 and this town is now widely known as one of the most lucrative in Lanzarote.

Tias overlooks the popular Puerto del Carmen so this closeness contributes to the large percentage of tourists who visit Tias. In fact most people who visit Tias use it as a base to connect to other larger resorts since Tias is really laid-back and serene. And although a small town Tias has some of the most hospitable people that you would find in Lanzarote.

This town also boasts of having a wide range of shopping spots, tapa bars and restaurants to choose from. The weather is always nice year-round and is perfect for sitting out in the pool or you can go walking on the sandy beach which is also in Tias. Tias also has its fair share of attractions as well one of which is the beauty of the Church of Nuestra Senora de la Candelaria.

Constructed in 1796, the church showcases Lanzarote’s architecture in all its glory. Also not to be outdone is another architectural beauty in Conil where one can see mansions that have vintage design styles.

Things to do in Tias

The best of both worlds await you when you take a trip to Tias in Lanzarote. Tias is a wealthy town and can be seen as Lanzarote’s “cash cow” and depending on where you go here you can enjoy its traditional side as well as its modern side. Populated by mostly ex-pats from Europe, Tias is a great place to stay and also a great place to invest since this is prime property that is close to all the other major resorts.

As a matter of fact if you are walking, Tias is just 10 minutes away from Puerto del Carmen. And most people who want to enjoy Puerto del Carmen and other popular resorts without staying there, usually choose the accommodations at Tias. Most of the accommodations in Tias are owned by ex-pats and they are usually villas and apartments that have much of a modernised architectural style.

These villas and apartments have all the modern trimmings which include large kitchens, wide open living spaces and beautiful gardens that are great for strolling. Most of the villas are built where there is a tremendous view of the sea and the mountains as well.

Some villas have jacuzzis and pools, the latter where you can go for a swim after which you can lounge on the outdoor furniture. And if you fancy a beach setting, there is the Grande Playa and the Papagayo beaches that are not too far away. These beaches offer miles of beach space with beautiful golden sands and they are both appropriate for indulging in water sporting activities.

In addition to water sports one can choose to go horse-riding in the scenic volcanic landscapes or take a hike and get your blood pumping. Lovers of golf can spend hours teeing off at the golf course here that is said to be the oldest in Lanzarote. Shops and restaurants also permeate the place and since this is a fishing village you would truly be missing out if you do not sample a tasty meal from the fish restaurants.

Fish here is usually paired with potatoes and a mojo salsa that you are sure to love. For entertainment depending on the time of the year that you visit Tias you could be a part of their biggest festivals.

Fireworks illuminate the sky at the Festival of San Antonio which runs in June from the 1st to the 13th. Also in June is the Festival of San Juan which takes place from June 20-24th. Cultural shows are quite popular in Tias and throughout the year visitors are treated to live performances at the bars or theatres there.

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