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Sonnenland Holidays

Sonnenland is a hillside town that is located within Maspalomas and although it is a quiet town it is big on charm. Sonnenland is visited by quite a few diverse set of tourists, especially the Germans and those from the United Kingdom who are en route to Maspalomas.

Life does not stop for tourism here. The residents who live in Sonnenland commute to Maspalomas each day for work and seeing them going along their way gives the place a homely feel. Like other parts of Gran Canaria, Sonnenland is famous for gorgeous weather year-round, especially in the summertime. And even in the winter months the weather is tolerable with the temperature dropping just a bit to keep you cool.

When you come to Sonnenland you have the option of touring most of Gran Canaria where there is always something interesting to see. Sonnenland’s closest neighbour Maspalomas has a stunning sand dune that locals would tell you is better viewed from on top of a camel’s back. The dunes are formed from the winds and they take on remarkable shapes. If you are a big fan of everything historical then you would love it in Los Cancajos which is the home to several museums and historical buildings. Some museums here showcase a variety of things from tapestry and handicraft exhibits that are indigenous to Gran Canaria.

Playa de Ingles which is also close to Sonnenland offers the much talked about Palmitos Park which is described as one of the island’s finest attractions. Here one can see an array of birds as well as fish and plants. The park also features a daily show where one can view hawks, eagles and parrots. There are many tours to this Park by both coach and bush rides. Your hotel will more than likely be able to provide you with more information about how you can tour the Park.

Gran Canaria is known for having quite a few volcanoes; some of which you can hike or take a jeep ride to get there. There is one particular volcano where you can actually enjoy a meal on the premises, food that was prepared using the heat from the volcano. Be sure to visit the Caldera de Bandama volcano while you are in Sonnenland.

Things to do in Sonnenland

Get out and get in to Sonnenland in surburban Maspalomas and be prepared to have a holiday like no other. With just the right kind of weather to get out and explore and have fun, the only thing that is missing from Sonnenland is its own beach. However, because it is situated so close to other great beaches, the absence of a beach easily goes unnoticed. Sonnenland keeps good company with several Blue flag beaches which have been awarded for its cleanliness. The beaches are great for sunbathing as well as it is quite popular with those who windsurf or take part in other water-sporting activities.

Accommodation near Sonnenland comprise of apartment homes and luxurious hotels. And these holiday accommodations offer you everything that you need to feel comfortable and make your stay even more interesting. In addition some of these holiday accommodations offer kiddie pools and kid’s clubs for those who are on holiday with children. And there is a taxi service is works around the close near to the hotels and apartments that are there for your added convenience. So this means that you can tour Sonnenland and the rest of Gran Canaria with ease.

Some of the things that you can do for fun here include visiting the 18-hole golf course which is located in Maspalomas. And if you are travelling with children they would take delight in one of the two waterparks that are within a few miles from Sonnenland. These water theme parks offer over 30 fun rides that also appeal to the young at heart. More fun and excitement for both kids and adults can be enjoyed at the Carnival which is located in Tivoli Garden in Maspalomas.

As you drive there the first thing that you can see is the towering Ferris wheel. The Ferris Wheel has become a landmark of sorts especially for those who are navigating at nights. There are many rides here from the simple to the daring that cater to everyone. Sonneland is also a great place for shopping; there are quite a few shopping centres here that sell items that are specifically priced for tourists. You can purchase some of the finest in jewelry, fragrances, designer clothing and electrical items. When you go out to eat in Sonnenland, choose from one of the many beautiful sea-front restaurants which serve up authentic Spanish dishes as well as International cuisines.

Bars here also offer live entertainment and a great way to commence a night on the town. However if you are looking for a night filled with non-stop partying and clubbing then you can head over to the always festive Playa del Ingles.

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