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Puerto Del Mogan Holidays

There is a reason why most refer to some parts of Puerto Del Mogan as “Little Venice”. The flowers which line the streets in one part of the neighbourhood are not only aesthetically pleasing but it rivals any tourist area in Italy. In addition there are other parts of the island where there are channels and quayside eateries that would make you wonder for a second if you are indeed in Venice.

Puerto Del Mogan is located north of Playa del Cura in Gran Canaria and it is one of the more beautiful resorts that exists here. Puerto del Mogan has stayed true to its tradition as a fishing village, a feature that continues to attract old and new visitors. The weather in Puerto Del Mogan never gets up more than the mid 20s during the summer and it stays around the low 20s by the time winter rolls around. Either way you are never too hot and sticky when you are here; the coolness of the nearby ocean breeze will make sure that you feel otherwise.

Years ago, Puerto Del Mogan was the type of village where it wasn’t unusual to see several houses huddled together leading to narrow passageways. Back then the fishermen had their huts located on the beach. Fast forward to today and Puerto Del Mogan is an island that you would want to visit. The lovely beaches with the imported Sahara golden sands only serves to whet your appetite for what else is in store here.

The beaches here are great for snorkeling; it is also ideal for canoeing and lounging as well. More water themed activities can be enjoyed here as there are quite a few diving and sailing courses that are available to you. Love adventure? Then see Puerto Del Mogan from a whole new perspective as you take a submarine ride.

Yachting is also popular here and there are actually some yachties who journeyed to Puerto Del Mogan for only a visit and have found themselves staying over for an extended time. Puerto Del Mogan is within mere minutes from other resorts like Puerto Rico and Playa del Cura.

These two resorts also offer great attractions and scenic views. For nature adventure you would have to visit other parts of Gran Canaria where you can witness a wind-whipped sand dune formation at Maspalomas and you can take a camel ride to do so. Explore the great Gran Canaria on a jeep safari ride to Mount Tejeda where the beauty of Alpine forests can be seen and the beauty of the reservoirs as well.

Snow is not uncommon in the mountains during the winter time so it is likely that you would leave warm sunshine behind on the ground and ascend to the mountains where you would encounter snow. With that said it would be in your best interest to take along something warm to wear when you make that ascension.

Things to do in Puerto del Mogan

Surround yourself with the lush beauty of tropical flowers and trees and beaches that are within walking distance; treat yourself to a holiday in Puerto Del Mogan. Puerto Del Mogan is one of the premier holiday spots in Gran Canaria and it is a resort that marries the quaint with modern amenities and architecture.

The holiday apartments that are here are indicative of the modern architecture and most of the accommodations offer stunning beach views. You can choose to stay in one of the many holiday apartments which are priced to suit every pocket. There are luxury apartments which feature swimming pools or depending on which apartment you choose you can also enjoy additional amenities like a garden view or a spectacular view of the marina.

There is never a dull moment when you visit Puerto Del Mogan; in fact there are so many things to do here that you may not be able to fit them all in your schedule. First, on the aquatic side of things the beach awaits. Proving that it is more than a place to go swimming you can also indulge in submarine trips to getting to know more about sport fishing. Get a chance to see dolphins or you may prefer to take a ferry ride to neighbouring resorts.

Whatever you decide on doing for your holiday, be sure to reserve your Fridays for a shopping experience that you won’t forget. Ideal for the bargain hunter, the open-air market atmosphere at the plazas which are a few distance from the arena in Puerto Del Mogan is always a busy one.

You can find several stalls with vendors that sell everything from shoes to jewelry, clothing and even African art and collectibles. There are also unique local products that you can buy which would make ideal gifts for your family or friends back home.

Elsewhere in Puerto Del Mogan offers visitors a variety of other shopping opportunities as you would find many supermarkets, hair salons, internet cafes and even a tattoo shop.

A visitor to Puerto Del Mogan would truly take pleasure in what the night time entertainment offers. You can begin the night by getting cosy for some conversation over a great meal at one of the restaurants here. Choose from a variety of cuisine choices which include local meals to restaurants which serve international fares like German, Chinese and Italian. You may show up at the restaurant and find yourself being entertained by a live soloist or group and this type of entertainment can also be found at the bars here as well.

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