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Puerto Del Carmen Holidays

Puerto del Carmen may be a quaint resort in Lanzarote but that does not take away from the fact that it is considered one of the more festive on the island. This resort can be found some ten miles from the airport on Lanzarote’s east coast. As a former fishing village the resort consists of a glitzy strip.

The old harbour side of this resort serves as an interesting contrast and a perfect reminder of Puerto del Carmen’s formative years. This side of town still holds true to tradition as a journey through these backstreets of Puerto del Carmen gives one the feeling of being in two separate cities as you can still find tapa bars here and seaside restaurants which offers views and serve authentic fish dishes.

It’s safe to say that Puerto del Carmen is one of the fun resorts on the island because while other resorts shut it down early for the night, that is the time when Puerto del Carmen comes alive. Restaurants, clubs and bars are sure to hold your interest each night as they cater to a crowd that includes the young and the young at heart.

Puerto del Carmen enjoys summer-like weather year-round and while it is hot during the summer months one can look forward to cooler winter months. The resort is void of tall buildings so do not expect to see multi-storied hotels when you get here. Instead there are apartments which are self-contained and offer a taste of home and it is also equipped with a club for those travelling with kids.

When you are in Puerto del Carmen obey the urge to get out and indulge for there are lots of things that you can do during your stay here. The white sandy beach will entice sunbathers; it also provides the perfect spot for water sporting activities which include diving, jet-skiing and swimming. Since the beach meets with the sea of the Atlantic Ocean swimmers are advised to swim against the shore because of the existing undercurrent.

Proving that life is more than a beach, Playa de Carmen has a beachside promenade where visitors can go to eat or shop for souvenir items. Not too far away is the Rancho Texas Park, a fun haven for children where they can experience go-kart rides to horse back-riding and even watch a few animal displays that are there.

A visit to Puerto del Carmen would not be complete without a trip up to the National Park of Timanfaya from where lava formations can still be seen as one travels by. The ultimate prize when you get to the top is to enjoy a grilled feast that has been cooked with the use of the volcano heat.

Things to do in Puerto del Carmen

If you are looking for a fun resort where you can spend night-time hours swinging to the latest dance music at a few clubs or enjoy good conversation with good company at a bar or two then you must be thinking Puerto del Carmen.

There is no room for sleep when you are in Puerto del Carmen; the resort is as lively as they come. When you visit this east coastal Lanzarote resort town you would experience first-hand exactly what it is about Puerto del Carmen that continues to lure visitors away from neighbouring towns.

Puerto del Carmen is brimming with an active nightlife, a white sandy beach and interesting tourist attractions. This resort started out as a small fishing village and most aren’t likely to forget this as the vicinity of the town’s harbour is a constant reminder.

Near the harbour the streets are narrow and the pace here goes a little bit slower than elsewhere in Puerto del Carmen. Tapa bars and waterfront fish restaurants add an intimate ambience to this area. Around the way you would also find a few boutiques that are housed at the very trendy shopping mall called Biosphere.

The harbour area continues to charm especially during the summer time as one can get caught up in the euphoria of a Spanish Carnival fiesta in the month of February. Meanwhile back on the strip in Puerto del Carmen there are enough eating spots that offer a wide variety of dishes to satisfy your cravings.

There are traditional bodegas from where you can enjoy your meal or you can choose to dine at one of the fast food outlets. Pubs are also quite popular here and you can take your pick of English, Scottish or Irish pubs to enjoy a hearty breakfast. Shopping is made easy as practically everywhere you go in Puerto del Carmen there is a retailer store stocked with everything from souvenir and gift items to designer products and clothing.

There is nothing more rewarding than tax-free shopping and they’ve got that here in Puerto del Carmen. For saving even more money and getting a chance to haggle prices, you can make your way down to Teguise for the Sunday market which features many vendors.

Quiet times can be spent with your loved one on the promenade which is framed by beautiful palm trees that provide great shade from the sun. The promenade also has its fair share of restaurants, souvenir shops and cafes for your added convenience.

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