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Puerto de Santiago Holidays

It is hard to speak of the little resort of Puerto de Santiago in Tenerife without mentioning its neighbours Playa de la Arena and Los Gigantes. So close are these three resort towns that when you are there it would be highly possible for you think that you are in a one resort when you have already journeyed into another. The closeness of these resorts does not take away from the fact that although a small resort, Puerto de Santiago is brimming with beauty and charm all of its own.

Often described as a friendly resort, Puerto de Santiago is a huge favourite among the elderly holiday makers. Indeed this is the place you want to visit when you feel the need for quality and quiet time with your spouse or family.

Since Puerto de Santiago is situated between Los Gigantes and Playa de la Arena you get more for your holiday money as you have the choice of enjoying the amenities of all three resorts at the price of visiting one. And in these hard economic times this opportunity is truly a steal of a deal.

There are many gems that you would find in Puerto de Santiago and environs. For instance not too far away from Puerto de Santiago are the Los Gigantes cliffs which are popular landmarks on this side of town. Shards of multiple colours reflect on these cliffs making it a sight of beauty for those who are travelling in the boats below.

Another tourist attraction is Puerto de Santiago’s own Museum of Fishermen which is also known as Museo Pescador. This is a small museum which is quite significant to the people here as some of the fishing routes are remembered as well as those who fished. The museum is opened from Monday to Saturday and closed on Sunday and can be found near the resort’s postal office. There are also many beaches within the three resorts’ coastline with a few volcanic sand beaches which are commonly called black sand beaches.

Once a fishing village, there is a fishing port here as well as many holiday accommodations that intermingle with houses and apartments owned by residents. And dotted around this town are several restaurants and bars and shopping centres the latter which offer a myriad of items for sale.

Next, take a trip down to the Los Gigantes marina where a boat ride would take you to see dolphins and whales. Because Puerto de Santiago is predominantly a hilly place it is recommended that you use public transportation to get to where you are going as opposed to walking. The bus service here runs quite frequently around the resort and throughout the island as well.

Things to do in Puerto de Santiago

Do you have extra holiday days to spare? Then include them in the travel package that takes you to Puerto de Santiago in Tenerife because chances are you would have so much fun here you are going to need extra days to extend your stay. The good weather conditions here of mostly sunshine in the forecast is one of the first things about Puerto de Santiago that would get your vote of approval.

Its location of being in the middle of the two popular resort town of Los Gigantes and Playa de Arena is also another plus because of the variety that each resort offers.

When you are in Puerto de Santiago you have the choice of staying at a location that suits your pocket. You can stay at a hotel and find just as good amenities in a holiday apartment. Not your ordinary apartment, these are roomy and spacious and have several amenities to make your stay a truly rewarding and wonderful experience.

Swimming pools and pretty terraces are just a few of what you can enjoy at the apartment accommodation; Jacuzzis and views are also included.

Leave your room and head to the beach for some swimming or sunbathing. The black sandy beaches in Puerto de Santiago are few but it would not be hard for you to find some more lovely beaches in neighbouring Playa de la Arena and Los Gigantes. When it comes to eating out Puerto de Santiago is truly a delight and there are several restaurants here for you to choose from.

Traditional Canarian food is highly recommended and one would find that a signature Canarian dish comprises of a vegetable casserole that is served with a special stew. The meal comes with your choice of meat or fish. Of course there are other restaurants here where you can find dishes from all over the world all of which can be enjoyed at the restaurants at one of the numerous tapas bars.

You can get your souvenir shopping done at one of the shopping centres that are here. And for a rollicking nightlife there are a few bars and discos in Playa de la Arena although the larger scale vibrant night life filled with many bars, clubs and casinos can be found in Playa de las Americas. Finally, visit Puerto de Santiago in July and view the stunning annual fireworks. And don’t forget the Carnival street parade which is a great way for relieving stress.

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