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Playa Del Aguila Holidays

Where in the world is Playa del Aguila? It is situated between Playa de San Augustin and Bahia Feliz resort towns. It is also on the eastern side of Maspalomas and the fact that this resort is located so closely to other popular resorts in Gran Canaria, visitors of Playa del Aguila have a variety of places that they can visit without straying too far. Playa del Aguila is a peaceful place to be and is the solitude to escape the other hectic resorts that are around.

So serene is Playa del Aguila that you may find yourself among the few relaxing on the beach here. The beach here consists of pebbles that are among sand that is truly never overcrowded. There are other beaches that are not too far away including the one at Bahia Feliz which although great for windsurfing, it isn’t the place for children because of how strong the tides are.

As a popular resort with the Germans, Playa de Aguila boasts of having low hills which are indeed a plus especially when compared to the steep cliffs that are seen at other resorts which makes it hard to get around by foot. It is also one of those resorts that is blessed with brilliant warm weather and a picture perfect sunset that would stay on your mind days after you are back home from your holiday.

When you are in Playa del Aguila you have a host of other scenic attractions and activities to tap into about Gran Canaria. There are quite a few places that you can explore while you are here; most have natural attractions that are definitely worth seeing.

For those who hike there is the Caldera de Taburiente in La Palma where the largest volcanic craters can be found. Another big attraction close to Playa del Aguila is Timanfaya National Park where walking tours are given to this park with a moon-like surface. This surface was as a result of a volcanic eruption which took place in the 18th century.

Today tourists can still feel a slight heat under their feet as they explore the park. In Tenerife a cable car takes you to Mount Teide and ultimately Teide National Park which is a World Heritage site. Playa del Aguila is within mere minutes away from the resort town of Maspalomas, a resort known for golfing and for the sand dune which consist of Sahara sand of which has been formed by the wind.

Things to do in Playa de Aguila

Whether you are taking a holiday with your significant other or your family, you would truly be delighted with what is in store at Playa del Aguila. This beautiful island resort has many sporting and fun activities that you can indulge in. Big game fishing, whale and dolphin watching and windsurfing are just some of the fun that you can be having when you get here.

Accommodation in Playa del Aguila consists of hotels and holiday apartments which all feature inviting pools and gardens. The pools are even more popular than the beaches in Playa del Aguila so do not be surprised if you show up at the beach and realise that you are one of the few persons there.

Other in activities that you can enjoy here is an 18-hole golf course in nearby Maspalomas and elsewhere in Gran Canaria is Aqualand which is a great place for the children to spend time on the water slides. There are slides that are specifically designed for children while adults would certainly get a thrill from the Tornado and Anaconda rides. And if you are looking for a place to purchase gift and souvenir items at tax-free prices, then head over to Maspalomas where you can get a variety of items at competitive prices.

Maspalomas is also the place to find some of the more trendy designer boutiques and novelty stores as well. When it comes to dining out in Playa del Aguila the restaurants at the hotels would have to suffice as there are only a handful of restaurants outside of these establishments.

For a dining ambience outside of the hotels, there are quite a few top rated restaurants in Maspalomas. Diners can choose to feast on local cuisine to Chinese and even fast-food like pizza and burgers. Even like the lack of restaurants so too are the absence of an activie lifestyle in Playa del Aguila, One would again have to visit neighbouring Maspalomas to party until the wee hours of the morning at the various clubs and bars that are here.

Sightseeing should be the order of the day after you have spent the previous night on the dance floor and a road trip throughout the rest of Gran Canaria would be ideal. There are several old villages that are a must see and they are only a jeep ride away. In nearby San Agustin you can choose to relax on the beach there or you can stake a stroll on the long promenade which runs some eight kilometres.

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