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Playa de las Canteras Holidays

Playa de las Canteras is the pride of Gran Canaria, a resort that is closely located to Santa Catalina and La Isleta. Playa de las Canteras was first discovered as a tourist town several years ago by the British.

The Brits who came to the island for work in Puerto de las Luz somehow found their way to Playa de las Canteras and they were really impressed by what they had seen there. Soon, the British workers were bringing others with them each trip so they could tour the resort town along with them. And that’s not all since shortly after the second World War the English people had set out to add to the tourism element in Playa de las Canteras as they constructed a hotel, spa and also created beach huts as well.

Today Playa de las Canteras is the kind of resort town that you would love coming to as the best of nature’s wonders come alive here in a town where the weather is always brilliantly sunny. This resort is also home to its namesake Playa de las Canteras, which is a lagoon that features calming warm waters which are ideal for bathing.

There are also other beaches here one of which have brown sands and are 3km long. Playa de las Canteras is positioned in a district where it is close to other popular tourist towns. As a result of that there are many places for you to see while on holiday here. And what most would discover is that these tourist attractions are so simple yet they are effective. For instance there is a protective reef here called La Barra which runs parallel to La Canteras beach.

On an island of its own some 100 metres from the shore, La Barra is two miles filled with sandstone and other natural elements which have been around for well over 100,000 years. Elsewhere in Playa de las Canteras is the artsy Wind Toy which is a creative piece of work done by notable artist Cesar Manrique.

The location of his mobile polychrome iron can be found at the Palace de la Puntilla. More iron architecture awaits you at the Mercado del Puerto which has enclosures and cast iron columns on 1,700 square metres of land. Finally one of the more popular landmarks in Playa de las Canteras is the San Jose Clinic which is a treasured historical building there.

Things to do in Playa de las Canteras

Thinking about a holiday in Playa de las Canteras? Then you are making an exceptional choice for Playa de las Canteras is a beautiful and scenic place made for relaxation and leisure. It is the ideal place to come and spend tiem with your family as well as it is a great resort for a memorable honeymoon.

When you arrive at Playa de las Canteras check in at one of the many hotels most of which are in the Las Palmas district of this resort. Most of these hotels are situated near the beach so you are always guaranteed the stunning and therapeutic view of the sea. Inside, the hotels are tastefully decorated and boast of having spacious bathrooms and comfortable beds.

After you have settled in, take a casual stroll to the beach and enjoy a splash of the warm waters about your body. This is also the perfect place to indulge in some watersports such as surfing and diving. The diving experience here in Playa de las Canteras is definitely a must. The sea is home to over 200 species of algae and fish.

On the beach you would find a convenient promenade that is filled with bars, cafes and open-air restaurants where you can enjoy a meal and a view. The promenade is always bussing with some type of entertainment which makes it a popular place for tourists. Vendors are always on the promenade; so too are artists and entertainers.

Shopping around for souvenir and gift items is also quite convenient especially if you visit Las Arenas, the resort’s largest shopping centre. Not only do you have a variety of shops here but the shopping centre is also the home of quite a few restaurants and there is even a cinema here as well.

Playa de las Canteras would fascinate you with its dedication to the arts which are confirmed by the variety of live entertainment that can be enjoyed here. There is the Auditorio Alfredo Kraus where you can visit to hear the Las Palmas Philharmonic Orchestra play.

Designed by architecture Oscar Tusquet and sculptor Juan Bordes, the entertainment centre is indeed a work of art. The building has been constructed with the use of natural stone and inside there are ten concert halls which are ideal for a variety of performances from concerts to operas. On a regular basis one can attend the International Film Festival and Classical Music Festival which also takes place at the concert hall.

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