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Playa de la Arena Holidays

Unspoilt beauty, tranquility all around and deep blue calming waters that are warmed by the sun: these best describe the Tenerife resort town of Playa de la Arena. Small and quite intimate Playa de la Arena is definitely for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle elsewhere.

Playa de la Arena is one of three closely knit resorts with the other two being Puerto de Santiago and Los Gigantes. One of the foremost attractions in Playa de la Arena is the beach which continues to draw visitors from Puerto de Santiago and Los Gigantes. This black sandy beach has clear and clean water for you to swim in and has been awarded the European blue flag of distinction for cleanliness, a title that it has held for a few years.

The beach boast of having still waters with a gentle ebb and flow that can mesmerise you. If you plan to visit during the winter months though be careful as in the winter months the seas can be a bit choppy and so bathing advisories are put in place via a red flag warning.

The location of this beach is in the vicinity of the Avenida Maritma, which is a coastal roadway that provides free parking. In the same area you would find quite a few restaurants and bars and some shops as well. There is a promenade here that offers a spectacular coast view and it also provides a great place to stroll while as the light costal breeze caresses your face.

As far as accommodation goes you would be pleased as punch to see the modern architecture that are evident in the hotels and holiday homes here. And if you are in the mood for shopping Playa de la Arena is a shopper’s haven as it boasts many souvenir and gift shops with quality items.

Tenerife is great for exploring and there are many nature sights here that within a few miles away from Playa de la Arena. Hiking spots are geared for professionals who are in good health and one of the best places to hike is up Mount Teide.

Mount Teide has several trails all of which are made easy for you to follow. A cable car can also take you up the mountain and this is a great way for non-professionals to explore the mountain. Visit the Mount Teide National Park which is a wide expanse of land which showcases a wide range of plants from all over the world as well as animals.

Things do to in Playa de la Arena

One of the first things that you would hear about the resort in Playa de la Arena in Tenerife, Canary Islands is how outstanding the black sandy beach is. The beach has for years held the award for cleanliness from the Europeans and is truly a great for swimming and playing water sports.

Indeed the beach holds the European blue flag award for cleanliness and a trip down there is well worth it. But the beach is only a snippet of some of the stunning attractions that are available here. Playa de la Arena is such a small resort that it would be easy for you to explore the entire place within a few days.

However if this is your goal, then you should try to organise guided tours to get there or utilise the public transportation as you may encounter a few hilly areas that may make walking a challenge. The weather here is a sunny one but temperatures do drop a bit during the winter months which may require that you wear a light jacket.

There are lots of things that you can when in Playa de la Arena. You can journey across to Los Gigantes and take a boat trip which would take you out to sea to watch whales and dolphins. Still in Los Gigantes there are many shopping opportunities for you at duty free prices.

Just imagine getting great deals on gift and souvenir items such as perfumes, alcoholic beverages, cameras and electronic goods and so much more. There is also a commercial shopping centre that has several boutiques which showcase designer clothing. Even more bargains can be enjoyed at the craft markets that occur every Monday at different resorts.

When night falls it is a good time to go bar or restaurant hunting. There are quite a few here in Playa de La Arena or you can taxi ride to other resorts like Los Gigantes or Playa de las Americas where you can party at the clubs or try your luck at the casinos there.

For a change of pace, you can go diving in the Los Gigantes area and see some of the best in underwater wildlife as you swim through intriguing caves and get lost in a world where barracudas, tunas and sting rays call home. Even if you are afraid of diving, you can still be a part of the underwater excursion by viewing it through glass-bottom boats.

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