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Playa de Esquinzo Holidays

If you have plans on being in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands area on your annual holiday and you have a few days left over to spare, then do yourself a favour and visit Playa de Esquinzo.

Located on Fuerteventura’s south east coast and on the south of Costa Calma, Playa de Esquinzo offers a wealth of attractions and fun ideas to make your holiday stay even more interesting. Playa de Esquinzo may very well be called “little Germany” since quite a lot of Germans fancy coming here for the holiday.

The weather here offers hot summers and tolerable winters, the latter which stays in the mid 20 degrees. The resort is made up of serene beaches, luxurious hotels and it is in close proximity to other larger and popular resorts.

More than that Playa de Esquinzo is the best place for indulging in an array of water sports. Here you can go scuba diving in search of exotic fish or you can enjoy windsurfing or even swimming. The beaches here are always immaculate with an inviting sprawl of white sands that you can sit on and enjoy the beautiful views of mountains in the distance.

Depending on which beach you visit you may have to contend with strong undercurrents as well as you would find those that are safe enough for the children to swim in.

There are a lot of interesting places that you can visit when you come. In order to get around though it would be best if you were to hire transportation as some of the roads may be a challenge to get around without a vehicle.

Even if you do not catch a taxi for hire to get around it is just as heart-warming and no doubt romantic if you were to go catamaran sailing which would take you to neighbouring Lanzarote where you can see the resort in all its glory.

Travelling with the children? Then take them to the Oasis Animal Park where they would get the opportunity to ride on a camel’s back.

The park also doubles as a mini-zoo and here one can see a lot of exotic animals. If you choose to stay at one of the finer hotels you are also in for a treat since they also offer lots of activities to keep you busy during your stay. Some hotels have gyms, tennis courts, live entertainment and a kid’s club.

Things to do in Playa de Esquinzo

Pack your bags in a hurry and get ready and set to go to the tranquil Gran Canarian island of Playa de Esquinzo. It is one of those resorts that you can easily miss as you journey by. But once you discover this lovely resort you are not only guaranteed to return each year but you would be inclined to bring along a few friends with you as well.

Adored by the Germans and not only is there a lot of German tourists here there are also a lot of German-owned establishments as well. So unless you want to get lost in translation it would be best to research your German phrases so you can better communicate with some of the business owners here.

This resort is all kinds of wonderful; you see it on their pristine and award winning beaches, picture perfect landscape and not to mention the modernised architecture as showcased on some of the hotels and holiday apartments here.

Clearly proving that there is more to life than laying on the beach, Playa de Esquinzo encourages one to get out and indulge in a few sporting activities. If you plan to stay at one of the luxurious hotels here you would be pleased to know that you can play a game of tennis at the courts there or you can even work out at the gym as you continue your home workout routine.

Golfing enthusiasts you are certainly not to be left out as not too far away from the hotels is an 18-hole golf course. Among other things you can do is to go shopping around and take advantage of items that are at duty-free prices.

The shopping venues here usually consist of stores as well as outdoor markets and one can get a variety of items including jewelry, fragrance and clothing to name a few. After shopping you would no doubt work up an appetite for which you have to visit one of the fine restaurants to refill and recharge.

While there are several restaurants here offering a variety of culinary delights on their menu, those tourists that are steep in Spanish tradition would gravitate more to the fish restaurants, here is the place to enjoy authentic Spanish meals including the salsa called mojo, sundried fish, casserole and potatoes.

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