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Playa Blanca Holidays

The pride of Lanzarote’s south western area is the Playa Blanca resort. Blessed with lovely landscape and just a serene place to be, this old fishing village has everything that the average tourist needs to make their stay here more enjoyable. As a new addition to the host of other resorts that are in the Lanzarote area, the visual bow at this resort is its attractive marina which plays host to several yachts.

In addition the marina is also the place you would go to explore Lanzarote’s underwater world as well as enjoying a calming evening sailing around. The weather in Playa Blanca is perfect for sunbathing and there are several beaches here which offer you the opportunity to lie out in the sun for a few hours.

The beaches in Playa Blanca and surrounding areas are of the highest calibre with a few that has earned the coveted environmental Blue Flag award. Most of these beaches here have white sand which almost looks like sugar granules. The white sands blend perfectly with the ebb and flow of the deep blue sea waters.

Some of the more popular beaches in and around Playa Blanca include Playa Dorada beach and Papagayo – the latter which can be found in Puerto Calero.

When you get to Playa Blanca you would find that some parts of the island still remains true to its fishing village beginnings. The harbour is a glaring reminder as to how Playa Blanca once was and it truly is a pleasing sight especially for the older visitors who may have seen the resort before it transformed to what it is now.

It is gorgeous at night to be on the El Paseo promenade especially when the moon comes out in all its glory to illuminate this side of paradise. Here you are sure to enjoy a satisfying meal along with sea views that are unmatched. Some of the best in fine dining restaurants are here as well as bars and waterside cafes.

The promenade is always busy at nights with several people making their way there for a night of fun. The menu at the restaurants is of a varied kind as they serve everything from Chinese to Italian and even Indian dishes. For the adventure seeker there are excursions that would take you to Fuerteventura Island which is the home to Saharan sand dunes.

The famed Robinson Crusoe beaches can also be found here so don’t forget to pack your swimsuit and sunblock. Other attractions near Playa Blanca include the Casillo de San Gabriel in Arrecife which features a stunning castle which was built in the late 1500s.

Things to do in Playa Blanca

If you have never visited Playa Blanca resort in Lanzarote, then this is the ideal time to ring your travel agent and have this situation remedied right away. For Playa Blanca offers visitors the whole kit and caboodle of what great holidays should contain: sea, sand and surf. As one of the quieter and less commercialised resort in Lanzarote, places in Playa Blanca can definitely pique your interest and stimulate your senses.

They don’t call this resort Playa Blanca for nothing; there are quite a few white sandy beaches that are pristine and always abuzz with activities. Elsewhere about the resort there is the lovely marina where several boats and yachts are docked. Thinking about where to stay when you get to Playa Blanca? Your budget would determine exactly where you would rest your head as you can stay at self-contained apartments or you can take things up a notch by staying a fancy hotel. After you get checked in, one of the first things you may want to do is to get out and explore this former fishing village.

Shopping may be high on your agenda and you can get lots of that done at the duty-free stores. There is indeed a wide variety of gift and souvenir items from jewelry, to pottery and clothing. The Sport Marina Rubicon offers several stores from which you can shop. Visitors can also take advantage of the craft market which is held every Wednesday and Saturday. For some after-hours fun Playa Blanca has a few discos but it pales in comparison to the type of fun and entertainment that is offered in nearby Puerto del Carmen.

Dedicate one day within your holiday to visit a few attractions that are close to Playa Blanca. These attractions are easily accessed by public transportation or as part of an excursion with a group. For the art lover you can view modern art at its best at the Arrecife Museum of Contemporary Art. The building which houses these fine art works is a work of art itself – it is housed in a castle that was constructed in the late 1700s.

Next visit The Cactus Garden and see the unique artwork of artist Cesar Manrique in this cactus plantation. Situated where a quarry used to be, there is also a windmill at the plantation which gives the place a vintage look. Your day spent exploring Playa Blanca can also be done from the high seas where you can take a tour to the underwater world via a submarine.

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