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Patalavaca Holidays

Relax. You are in Patalavaca, an attractive resort which can be found on the south western coast of Gran Canaria. Keeping good company with other resorts such as Puerto Rico, Puerto Morgan and it also shares a promenade with Bahia Feliz.

Aesthetically pleasing with its stunning and sometimes steep cliffs which are visible from the beaches. The beaches here are equally beautiful and feature sun beds which allow you to get a tan or just relax under the many umbrellas which the beach also provides.

The temperature in Patalavaca can get up to 27 degrees Celsius during the summer months and it usually drops to around 20 degrees when the winter months arrive. So if the sun gets too much for you as you lay out on the beach and you feel the need to quench your thirst then the bars and cafes are only a short walk away. Patalavaca’s closest neighbour is Arguineguin, a former fishing village which is now another charming place to visit.

A resort where deep-sea fishing has become one of the favourite past-times for everyone in Gran Canaria and you too would not be able to resist throwing in a fish line in order to see if you would get lucky catching a fish.

With enough patience and skills you may just be victorious in fishing out the big catch of the day. Transportation to other parts of Gran Canaria is quite accessible although it would be much more interesting if you were to view this resort via a ferry ride.

The ferry ride goes to Puerto Rico and other resort towns like Puerto Mogan if you are looking to get more out of your holiday. Beyond Puerto Mogan you can journey to the outskirts of Patalavaca resorts like say perhaps to Maspalomas where the sand dune formations there are astounding.

One can get a chance to tour the sand dunes as they ride upon a camel’s back. Still is Gran Canaria is Mount Tejeda a place that offers hiking opportunities where you can see reservoirs, mountains and forests. Equally beautiful to explore is the underwater world in Patalavaca.

Imagine diving within the coves and see the sea creatures when you snorkel or you also have the option of taking a submarine ride to get even closer from a safe location. Finally it would be worthless to visit this resort without taking the time to pick up a few gift and souvenir items. Even if you are low on cash then you can make your way over to Arguineguin and participate in the weekly night market there.

Things to do in Patalavaca

Just what you would possibly expect from a tropical resort and probably more would become a reality when you touch down in Patalavaca. Located in the beautiful Gran Canaria it really does not get better than this resort which is made up of intriguing cliffs, lovely beaches, good food and just an all round fun place to be.

Your holiday in Patalavaca will begin with checking in to one of the hotels or holiday apartments or villas here. The hotels offer everything from pools to a café, supermarket and even a bar. Over at the apartments and villas you will find pools, gardens, furnished rooms with minibars, Internet access and kitchenettes.

The great part about spending your holiday here is that the resort strikes a good balance of outdoor opportunities that you can enjoy.

For instance the sporting enthusiast would take pleasure in riding the waves as they say when they go windsurfing. Golf is also a big sport in all of Gran Canaria and this is evident in the numerous courses that are set up here.

One of the most talked about places to play golf though is at the Anfi Tauro golf course which features 9 and 18-hole courses. While you play there you can also take a moment to admire the lovely lakes and mountains that are in view. Next, there are boat trips that are available if you are interested in touring the island.

You would first have to board a ferry in neighbouring Arguinguin which would take you over to both Puerto Rico and Puerto Morgan resorts. Tours aside, the always warm weather in Patalavaca gives you more incentive to stay out and enjoy the great outdoors in such places as the Sioux City theme park which is located on the outskirts of Patalavaca.

At Sioux City both adults and children get the chance to play a game of cowboys and Indians in an environment that is reminiscent of the good old “shoot ‘em up” movies complete with saloon fights and bank robberies.

For carnival rides head to Holiday World where you can ride the Ferris Wheel and see the laser dome among things. After the day is spent, feast on an authentic Canarian meal which consists of fish and a wickedly good mojo sauce or you can select food from an International list of cuisines.

For a great night on the town partying or hanging out at the clubs, you would have to travel to Puerto Rico resort where the entertainment keeps consistent until the early morning hours.

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