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Maspalomas Holidays

Some 52km away from Las Palmas and 20 miles on the southern side of the airport in Gran Canaria lies a resort which is one of the more peaceful resorts which is famous with the older tourists who visit here. As one of the oldest resorts in all of Gran Canaria, Maspalomas makes up part of the San Bartolomew de Tirajana municipality.

For years, many have speculated where this modern resort got its name from. Some say that the resort was named after a former Majorca soldier named Rodrigo Mas de Palomar while other reports support the fact that it could have been named after the friend of a Guimar slave master named Francisco Palomar.

What is clear though is that livestock farmers were among the first persons to settle in Maspalomas. Back then they reared both goats and camels but since the goats would usually stray where the camels were the rearing of animals did not last very long.

The people of Maspalomas are proud to have been visited by Christopher Columbus back in 1502. According to history Columbus had gone to Maspalomas to not only rest but to also get some fresh water and firewood before leaving for another country. Today a statue of Columbus can be seen erected close to the beach.

Maspalomas consist of residential homes, luxurious hotels and villas and surrounding them are palm trees and hills in the distance. You can also find shopping centres and a golf course here to pass the time away. Maspalomas is the beloved holiday resort for the Germans, Scandinavians and the Brits and they come here quite frequently so that they can bask in the brilliant sunshine; bathe in the pristine beaches and of course to lap up some of the beautiful scenery.

In Maspalomas there is no time to be inhibited. Some of the beaches here allow for one to be as free as they want to be in a resort where people aren’t judgmental. One Maspalomas’ most beautiful and noted best beach is Playa de Maspalomas which spans over 2km of nothing but white sandy and clean waters.

This beach caters to everyone and parts of the beach has been sectioned off to include family with children as well as there is a section for nudists and another for those who live a homosexual lifestyle. Close to this beach is the La Charca lagoon which is a fresh water lagoon that is surrounded by palm trees. One can also see several species of nesting birds as well as the migratory birds.

Things to do in Maspalomas

Thinking about what to do in Maspalomas when you stay there for your next holiday? Well you would be glad to know that although this resort may be a quiet one it is by no means a boring place to be. For there are so many things that you can afford to get into while here that the only thing that would be left for you to do is to find the time to get them all done.

Maspalomas offer miles and miles of beaches which are the ideal place to indulge in a few water sports which include jet-skiing, water-skiing, parasailing, windsurfing and you can also enjoy a speedboat ride. Maspalomas is also famous for its golf courses and there are three of them that you can choose from.

Out of all the golf courses here Campo de Golf de Maspalomas is the prettiest simply because it is surrounded by the sand dunes. And speaking about the sand dunes it would truly be a disappointment if you didn’t visit Maspalomas without visiting this natural wonder.

The dunes are best viewed either on foot on atop a camel’s back and what you would see is sand which has been whipped into formation that most suggest is better viewed during the hours of sunset.

For even more fun in the sun you can go shopping at the boutiques that are here. There is the Faro Two complex which caters to those who want to get a good deal on designer clothing. The Yumbo Centre is a government owned shopping area which exclusively stocks handicraft items that would serve as great souvenir gifts.

The prices of items at the centres are relatively low since prices are duty free. Maspalomas’ nightlife isn’t a hectic one but you can still find a lot of places that you can go. For instance there are quite a few music bars and discos that are around as well as you would also find top-of-the-line entertainment at your hotel or guest apartments.

Everything from discos, to cabaret night and even games are designed to keep you busy while you are in your hotel or apartment. And if you want to try your luck to win big money there is a hotel in Maspalomas that has a casino for you to do so.

Dining out is always a great option to pass the night away and there are several restaurants here which serve Spanish cuisine as well as International dishes like Japanese food. Most of the hotels in Maspalomas have great restaurants in house with a variety of tempting treats to eat.

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