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Los Gigantes Holidays

If there were a prize for the most gorgeous looking resort in Tenerife then Los Gigantes would definitely get the coveted award. Los Gigantes is translated “The Giant” and like its name applies, this resort town stands tall on the amenities, activities and sightseeing that they offer.

Los Gigantes is part of the Santiago del Teide municipality and it keeps great company with other resort towns Playa de la Arena and Puerto de Santiago. The resort town actually got its name from the Los Gigantes cliffs. The resort actually sits at the bottom of the cliff.

As one of the island’s beauty marks, the cliffs expand over Tenerife’s north-west area. And although these remarkable cliffs can be seen from several parts of the island, the natives would recommend that you get a little closer to see how spectacular the cliffs are. And indeed you would find out that getting a closer view from a tour boat would reveal the multi-coloured cluster of cliffs which have beautiful textures to them.

Over the years Los Gigantes resort has become quite modernised and very commercial especially when compared to neighbouring Puerto de Santiago which retains that quaint fishing village image that most would appreciate. Los Gigantes’ development is evident in the construction of hotels, apartments and other buildings.

The weather in here is always superb for exploring and as you navigate your way through the resort and environs you would realise how extremely narrow the streets are. A quiet beach is within a short distance from the bottom of the Los Gigantes cliffs. Boasting black sand, this beach is clean and although small it is ideal for those who want to enjoy their holiday far away from the madding crowd.

There is also a marina nearby where you can board one of the boats there which would take you to view over 20 species of dolphins and whales. And if you are feeling a big adventurous then you can go hiking or take a cable car ride to Mount Teide, a dormant volcano that most say has a surface similar to the one on the moon. If you are planning to hike Mount Teide you would first have to acquire permission to do so.

Carnival in Los Gigantes is memorable and one should try to schedule their holiday around this time of year which is a week after Ash Wednesday. Called the Carnaval de los Gigantes, this is one of the biggest events at the resort which showcases beautiful costumes that are judged in this lively street parade.

Things to do in Los Gigantes

Variety they say is the spice of life and that’s definitely what you would experience when you choose Los Gigantes as your holiday destination. Located in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Los Gigantes provides everything that a travel could possibly need and want out of a holiday.

This small resort offers the visitor a chance to either take their social level into overdrive as well as there are opportunities which allow for you to switch gear down and take things easy and relax. For Los Gigantes has a myriad of activities for one to indulge and these include everything from their annual Carnival street parade, water spots, sightseeing to name a few.

The warm weather and comfortable water temperature are the perfect ingredients for spending most of the day on the beach. Also, if you have never gone sport fishing before Los Gigantes is a good place to start. Tenerife is big on sport fishing with the ultimate goal to catch the biggest fish.

For more aquatic fun scuba diving is another exciting option. There are quite a few diving sites here that cater to the burgeoning and experienced diver. Back on land, Los Gigantes is a great place for shopping since the items are duty free. One of the largest shopping venues is the Los Gigantes Commercial Centre where you would a wide variety awaits. At this centre one can purchase everything from fresh produce and vegetable items to some of the top designer clothing around.

And for your added convenience you can grab a meal or a drink at the few restaurants and bars that are also here. The restaurants serve both local and international delights that will truly tempt your taste buds long before you have started to eat it. What’s more restaurants here cater to children and even have children’s meals on their menu.

If you are into an active nightlife which ends in the wee hours of the morning, then Los Gigantes isn’t the place for that. However the island offers so many other activities so there is never a void. For the thrill seeker conquering Mount Teide should be your ultimate goal. This mountain can be easily explored either on foot or by taking a cable car. Also you can choose to journey up “Cardiac Hill” by public or transportation and view some of the most astounding statues and fountains that pay homage to past fisherwomen.

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