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Los Cristianos Holidays

Like several of the other resort towns in Tenerife, Los Cristianos is also known as an old fishing village. No matter where you may visit in Tenerife, you owe it to yourself to pay a visit to Los Cristianos and see why it is ranked as one of the more popular resorts.

Los Cristianos is regularly visited by those who are seeking a holiday that is quiet and serene, where time seems to stand still.

Even before it became a hot tourist attraction, Los Cristianos was a known harbour for import and export dating back to the 16th century. As business grew, so did the size of the port which was later expanded so as to accommodate more ships. The fishing industry also experienced growth as a result of the new port.

It’s hard to believe that the tourism aspect of Los Cristianos actually started as a therapeutic getaway for ailing tourists particularly those from Sweden.

As history would have it, back in the 1950s an ailing Swedish media personality Bengt Rylander also known as Don Benito visited Los Cristianos in search of warm weather to which he had hoped would alleviate his multiple sclerosis pain. So impressed was he about the weather and calm atmosphere that he experienced there and how it contributed to his recovery, Benito then returned to Sweden singing praises of Los Cristianos.

The Swedes have made a huge impact on the tourism scene here and their appreciation for the resort has resulted in the town naming of the main street which is called Avenida de Suecia (Avenue of Sweden) and Casa Sueca which has been replaced by a Swedish Lutheran Church.

The Swedes have no doubt opened the doors to encourage a wide variety of tourists from all over Europe and the rest of the world as well. They come to see the beauty of this resort which truly gives you your holiday money’s worth.

Here the original architecture which existed many years ago is still present and it is mixed in with quite a few tastefully constructed hotels and apartments where you can stay with your friends or family.

Beautiful beaches are quite common here as well as you definitely cannot get enough of it especially since the weather is always favourable for doing everything from watersports, swimming, sun-bathing or just taking a stroll down the promenade at beach front. You also have a myriad of restaurants and bars to choose from. This is Cristianos! Go ahead and indulge.

Things to do in Los Cristianos

Long and overdue holidays should be rewarded with a trip to Los Cristianos. Located some 15 minutes from the Tenerife International Reina Sofia Airport and other major resorts, Los Cristianos provides the sweetest escape for couples and those travelling with children.

With taxis always within reach it is quite easy for you to get around Los Cristianos without having to rent a car and run the risk getting lost. The beaches here are truly world-class with the most popular being Playa de Los Cristianos. At this beach facility one can enjoy several water sporting games as well as play beach volleyball.

The beach is enhanced with showers and even an area for children to play. Los Cristianos also has a black sand beach in the Puerto Viejo area as well as a man-made beach called Las Vistas where water sports can also be enjoyed.

Accommodation varies in Los Cristianos as you have the choice of staying at hotels or apartments which are all priced to suit your needs and budgets. Once you have settled in, then you can start exploring the resort to see all that it has to offer. Ferry rides at the harbour can truly give you a great view of Los Cristianos and the rest of the island by sea. And there are also boat rides that would take you to see whales and dolphins as well. Deep sea fishing is also done here and you can test the waters to see if you would achieve that “big catch” of the day.

For the shopping savvy tourist who loves duty-free shopping, you would be thrilled that Los Cristianos offers many choices for your shopping experience. There are shopping malls to larger markets, the latter where you would find deals and bargains on everything from jewellery to clothing among other things.

It is cheap to eat here as you would soon find out when you visit the restaurants and bars here. And although the meals are affordable, the great taste is never sacrificed. Here you can enjoy both local and international cuisines at open-air restaurants located within walking distance from taxis so that commuting is quite easy.

You would never run out of places to eat or spend with friends or even have to visit another resort town since Los Cristianos has its fair share of restaurants and bars. Everyone loves a good karaoke bar and there are quite a few here in Los Cristianos as well. There is nothing more invigorating than putting your singing skills to the test in front of an audience in a country away from home.

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