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Las Caletillas Holidays

Las Caletillas is what dream holidays are made of: year round gorgeous sunshine, serenity and a wide open beach that invites lots of fun. It just does not get any better than this. Las Caletillas is a resort found on the north eastern coast of Tenerife. It is one of those holiday spots that is predominantly residential as opposed to commercial so that it is easy to come away with a homely feel. Because the resort is only a short distance away from the island’s capital Santa Cruz and other great resort towns such as Candelaria and Playa de Las Teresitas to name a few, you are never really too far away from a variety of scenic places that you can explore.

For one thing las Caletillas offers the uniquely fascinating black pebble beach with inviting waters that make for hours of great swimming and the ultimate “cool down” in this tropical-like weather. However if you are thinking about sunbathing and you are up for the drive, then you can visit the beach at Playa de Las Teresitas where you will find lovely golden sands. Las Caletillas is also loaded with restaurants and bars and there are a few places that you can get your souvenir shopping done at tax-free prices. Take a journey to the capital of Santa Cruz for a change in pace, where there is always a hustle and bustle and everything else in between.

Santa Cruz is where you would find a few tourist attractions that you would fall in love with. For instance the town of Masca is a photographer’s dream as it entices with its uniqueness and beauty. Off the beaten path, the winding roads lead to a village that one would never see coming. Here houses are constructed on rock formations so close to the edge that one would think that it would topple over. Although architecturally pleasing, this type of home construction is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Elsewhere is La Laguna which is another village which is described as historic. This village is home to a few 17 century churches and cathedrals as well as a museum. Still in Santa Cruz, you cannot afford to miss the island’s Carnival, which is one of the biggest festivals to take place there. The Carnival is a street parade event that runs for several days and it allows participants to get dressed in beautiful costumes with vibrant colours.

Things to do in Las Caletillas

When they coined the phrase “fun in the sun” they must have been talking about Las Caletillas in Tenerife. Visit with your spouse or include the children on the trip, it really doesn’t matter since Las Caletillas offer a lot for everyone to see and do. When you are in Las Caletillas, you have everything that you need at your fingertips.

The resort is never short of amenities which include stores, ATM machines and a bank. There are also souvenir shops where you can get Canarian crafting and other items to give as gifts when you get home as well as they have a few bars and restaurants too. Nightlife in Las Caletillas is almost non-existent especially if you are into partying until the wee hours of the morning. For that level of entertainment you may have to travel to the island’s capital of Santa Cruz which is always bubbling with activity.

Take a view of Las Caletillas and the rest of Tenerife at the Teide National Park where you would be able to capture a literal bird’s eye view from your cable car ride. The ride takes you to the spectacular Mount Teide, one of the highest volcanic mountains in Spain. You can explore other parts of Tenerife via a boat tour which offers meals, beverages and water sporting activities to tourists in its package.

The boat tour gives visitors the chance to also see whales as they swim around in their own world. And on rare occasions you may be able to also catch a glimpse of a few dolphins as well. Game fishing is also another huge event in Tenerife and this is the time that fishermen pull out their baits and gear to catch some of the popular fish in the Tenerife sea which include wahoo, white marlin, dorado and hammerhead sharks to name a few. The ultimate prize though would go to the person who catches a blue marlin as their efforts would be rewarded with a trophy.

Accommodation in Las Caletillas consist of bungalows, apartments and hotels the latter of which have three to five star ratings. Some of the accommodation here is decked out with terraces with exclusive views of the blue sea and there are beautiful gardens for which visitors can take a casual stroll and soak up every minute of the resort. In some hotels, public transportation is never too far away; you can get on the bus and take an island tour if you wanted to.

The surrounding area (approximately 300 m away). There is a bus stop situated in the hotel's vicinity. From here, guests will be able to take the regular bus service to other areas of the island. The island's capital, Santa Cruz, is around 14 km away and the airport is takes 30 minutes to reach. Plenty of shopping venues, restaurants, bars and nightlife entertainment are to be found in the hotel's neighbourhood.

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