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La Vegueta Holidays

When your next holiday calls for a location that is steep in history and keeping with the classics then it would be the time for you to seek out the town of La Vegueta which makes up the second half of the two towns in Las Palmas Old town with the other town being Triana.

It’s almost as if you are transported back in time for there are still a lot of history here as evident in the building’s architecture. There are places that you would visit here that are reminiscent of a traditional Spanish town. Cobblestone streets are present in certain parts you may go and it definitely adds a touch of romance to the town which also makes it a great place to spend your honeymoon.

There is an unmistakable charm and not to mention beautifully designed plazas that are great for strolling with the one you love. The Plaza Santa Ana is one such plaza which has a dramatic entrance which features bronze coloured guard dogs. Adding the dog symbols to building design has been around since the 1500s and it is one of the hallmarks of historical buildings here.

Other historical buildings include the Palacio Regental which was built in the 1700s. The Palacio Regental is now owned by the President of High Court of Law in Gran Canaria.

Go exploring this fascinating town and you would see more stunning architecture buildings such as the 19th century Town Hall which is also known as Casas Consistoriales. You should also see the Catedral de Santa Ana and the Palacio del Obispo. Bishop’s Palace is another tourist attraction, a building which is still standing even after it was hit with a fire back in the 1500s.

Next, visit the Canary Island Museum also known as the Museo Canario which is situated close to the Calle Doctor Verneau Street. At the museum there is a large collection of items from the pre-Hispanic era. Also on display at the Museo Canario are statutes, artefacts, jewellery and pottery. For research purposes, there is also a library at the museum.

After sight-seeing you can relax in the Plaza del Spirito Santo or Square of the Holy Spirit which is a picturesque location that boasts of a breath-taking fountain. From the square’s vantage point you can view many historic buildings which are situated on the periphery and the Chapel of the Holy Spirit is just one of them. Triana which is La Vegueta’s neighbouring town is also an interesting place to tour; there are quite a few exclusive boutiques here and lots of stores.

Things to do in La Vegueta

Historical places and friendly faces are definitely what you will get and more when you spend your next holiday here. La Vegueta is an old district in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria which continues to attract tourist to the town. Right next door is Triana, another old town but it is one of the more upbeat towns in comparison.

Triana is actually where you would go for a variety of entertainment and fun to fill up your holiday calendar. In and around La Vegueta you would find some of the classiest hotels to stay in that are replete with pools and other great amenities. Leave your hotel room and start exploring and feast your eyes on some of the finest in early century architecture that you have ever seen.

Any street that you walk along gives the feel of being in a museum. Indeed La Vagueta is unspoiled and visitors who tour there embrace its antiquity. On occasions while in you may want a change of pace and Triana offers you that variety. Visit the Teatro Berez Galdos to enjoy live shows at the spacious auditorium there.

On different nights you will be entertained with a host of live performances which include plays, jazz shows and classical performances. Shoot the breeze as they say at Triana’s Porque San Telmo, a park that is aesthetically pleasing with beautiful palm trees that can shade you from the sun.

Lounge on the benach with your significant other while the children have fun on the playground. The park also has a café which is convenient for purchasing a drink and a snack. There are so many restaurants that you can choose from on the nights you choose to dine out.

The restaurants in La Vegueta offer traditional Canarian meals as well as International and fish cuisine. If you are thinking about trying Canarian food then you should ask about their Mojo which is a sauce that is served with meals. Another staple there is Gofio which consists of corn and wheat and is integrated into several dishes there.

The rest of Las Palmas is as lively as they come. During the months of late January to early February one can look forward to Carnival in Santa Catalina. After the street parade cool down at the Playa de las Canteras and experience a beach with a difference.

The beach is near several restaurants, bars and shopping areas and there is even wireless Internet connection which allows you to surf the internet or get some work completed while you lay on the beach. The sounds of the waves would definitely get your creative juices flowing.

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