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La Santa Holidays

Some 20 minutes away from the capital city of Arrecife in North Western Lanzarote is the resort town of La Santa. Considered a small town, but definitely into big tourism business as it is the home of the much talked about resort called Club La Santa.

Warm weather permeates the air no matter the time of year that you choose to holiday here and the weather offers you the chance to fully explore this town and see what it has to offer. La Santa caters to the tourist that wants to relax and the adventure seekers as well.

There are enough tour guides that are strategically located just waiting to take you around the resort. You can also choose to tour the island through your hotel or hire a car to take you around. One of the first things you may want to do in these predominantly humid conditions is to go in search of a beach.

La Santa is home to Play La Santa which is a man-made beach replete with white sand and waters that are calm enough to encourage a few windsurfing novices. Not too far away there is another beach that produces big waves that are ideal for professional surfers.

If you are not a professional swimmer then this beach is not recommended. When you get to La Santa it would be clear to see that the heartbeat of the town really lies in Club La Santa, an entertainment hub that is big on sports and leisure.

Health also takes precedence while you are at Club La Santa so when you visit you can expect to choose from over 30 sporting activities of which you can indulge in while you are here. Most will agree that La Santa is indeed a great place for investing in a home.

There are currently many locals as well as foreigners who now call this beautiful place their home. As a result of this there are not too many properties that are available to choose from and if they are ever on the market, they go quickly.

La Santa is fortunate to be situated within close proximity to many scenic attractions including the archaeological museum at Castillo de San Gabriel, a former castle in Arrecife. A whole new altitude can be experienced when you take a ride up to Timanfaya National Park to see the lava formations and the lunar-like surface there. A restaurant at the summit is where you would find good tasting food that has been cooked from the heat of the volcano.

Things to do in La Santa

Don’t let your friends tell you about the wonderful time they had in La Santa; experience it for yourself and see why it is the talk of the town. You will love it here in La Santa, it is a small and intimate town but by no means does it lack the fun package that it offers visitors.

For there are a lot of things you can do in La Santa and you need not look too far but Club La Santa which offers everything under one roof. As a sporting club you can choose to play over 30 sporting activities while you are there. Not to worry about accommodation too much because you can also stay at Club La Santa as well.

There are apartments, hotels and villas that you can choose from which are luxurious and break-taking in every way. At the apartments for instance you will find tastefully decorated bedrooms, kitchen area for the few occasions you may have a desire to cook and a patio with a gorgeous view.

anes and there is always a coach on stand-by to help you along the way. You can even find swimming gears here such as masks, snorkels and other items.

If you are a fitness enthusiast you never have to worry about not getting your exercises done while you are on holiday for Club La Santa has a sports and fitness facility with equipment that are so hi-tech that it is usually the first placed that sporting professionals go to get their training.

After you work up a sweat at the gym you can visit the Wellness Centre which is known for several saunas, steam rooms and a spa. If you are travelling with your kids then rally up the gang and go bike riding. There are bikes that are available for use while on your stay and the bikes are ideal for touring the island.

Usually on these tours you would be assigned a guided tour guide to keep you on the trail. Remember to wear your safety helmet while riding. Finally when night falls it is the ideal time to go enjoy a mouthwatering meal at the restaurants or you can enjoy some good conversation at a bar. There are quite a few sporting bars here so you can enjoy your favourite sports on a large screen TV.

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