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El Medano Holidays

Tenerife, Spain is known for some of the most beautiful towns that you may ever stumble upon and El Medano is definitely one of them. El Medano is a resort town that is known for windsurfing among other things. El Medano is very convenient in that it can be found some 8km from the southern Tenerife airport. A majestic Montana Roja (Red Mountain) is sure to catch your eye as soon as you arrive in this town. Now a nature reserve which is home to over 100 different species of birds, Red Mountain was once a volcanic cone which is red in colour and has been flatten over the years by ocean waves. It is now 171 metres high and its colour red is as a result of an oxidation process.

Like a moth to a flame, tourists cleave to El Medano just for its natural beauty for here life is literally a beach. With gorgeous year round sunny weather that this town is blessed with, you can’t help but participate in some water sport activities or just relax and unwind all through your holiday.

To be sure the beaches in and around El Medano are boast of having really beautiful turquoise waters with golden sands and a long boardwalk. El Medano is also home to several nudist beaches for the tourist who isn’t inhibited. Visit Playa El Medano, a beach that you can enjoy hours of relaxation and fun with your family.

This beach is so convenient that you have access to a few hotels; it is close to the Plaza de Principe de Asturia and one can enjoy a cup of coffee and other snacks at the nearby cafes. There is also a playground at the Plaza if you are holidaying with kids and a boardwalk with a spectacular view. Playa La Tejita is also another popular beach which is a half nudist beach that is known for its gorgeous white sand. The turquoise water is inviting here and there is a beach bar where you can go to get cold beer to cool down especially on a hot summer day.

Explore the rest of El Medano and see the Bare Mountain which is another protective area with a volcanic crater. There are several species of birds that can also be found at Bare Mountain. Even more interesting is the La Cueva del Hermano Pedro which is translated as Brother Pedro’s Cave. The cave was named after Pedro the young shepherd boy who was born in Vilaflor many years ago. Because Pedro spent most of his formative years in the cave it has been given his name.

Things to do in El Medano

Tranquil turquoise-coloured waters beckon on as you are awash in endless sunny days and cool nights. When life is this good you know that you are in El Medano. El Medano is a beautiful resort that is located on Tenerife, Canary Islands in Spain. This resort town offers visitors miles of beaches, water sports such as surfing, sailing and kite boarding among other things as well as a vibrant nightlife, great restaurants proving that it is just a great place to be.

At the hotels there are many amenities for the visitor to enjoy and it helps that most are situated on the beach or close to it. The accommodations here are both simply and luxurious and they consist of villas or apartments and hotels which have several amenities such as spa facilities, pool and hot tub.

There is also an abundance of restaurants in El Medano and you can enjoy delicious meals which run the gamut of International food to Japanese and even Mexican. And depending on which restaurant you go to you can enjoy a hearty fish and vegetarian cuisine as well.

There are even some restaurants which provide stunning views of the sea from a terrace. Also, for the ultimate nightlife El Medano offers you a wide variety to choose from because not only are there bars and clubs in and around this town but there is also live entertainment to suit every taste. You can actually visit a few bars which play several genres of music including soul, funk and even jazz music. And if you are into comedy, there are places that you can go to see a comedian perform live.

The boardwalk also offers a lot for tourists to indulge in. The boardwalk is conveniently located near to the Plaza Del Principe de Asturias which is an old park from the 1800s. The boardwalk is the place for not only taking long romantic walks but is also great for shopping for souvenir items such as jewelry, hats, clothing and leather goods to name a few. There are a few gift shops here and even if you wanted to participate in water sports and you did not have the sporting equipment to do so you can also purchase them at a store on the boardwalk. And speaking of sports, you will find that windsurfing and kite flying are big in El Medano especially during the breeziest months.

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