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Costa Teguise Holidays

Located on Lanzarote’s central coast is the resort called Costa Teguise. This resort is no stranger to the area for it has been around since the 1970s. Today, with a few amendments and beautification changes, Costa Teguise has become an attractive resort filled with beaches, golf courses and an array of water sports that you can enjoy.

Of course with activities such as the aforementioned to past the time away, Costa Teguise is no doubt the place that you want to be. It goes without saying that the weather here is conducive to outdoor activities. The summer and winter months provide the ideal getaway especially for those who currently endure brutally cold winters.

The winds here are fantastic and strong enough to please the average windsurfer. And compared to the other resorts on the island, Costa Teguise is the one that has the familiarly of older styled Spanish towns as is evident in most of the town’s commercial architecture. There are also palm trees that adorn most of the streets in Costa Teguise and they not only provide shade from the sunshine but add beauty to the landscape.

There isn’t a place that you can go about Costa Teguise and not see one of their fantastic beaches. The beaches here have earned the Blue Flag award for cleanliness. When you arrive ask about Las Cucharas which is a large beach that boasts of white sands and is the ideal place for sunbathing.

Other beaches like the pebbled El Jabillo and Los Charcos are always alive with water sporting activities such as deep sea fishing and scuba diving to name a few. Costa Teguise is also the home of the lone water park in all of Lanzarote and is one of the more popular places with both children and adults. Perhaps you may enjoy a game of golf either as a spectator or playing on the professional 18-hole golf course.

A visit to Costa Teguise would not be complete without a trip up the well-touted National Park of Timanfaya. A spiraling road would take you up to the mountain but as you get on your way you will see volcanic craters and lunar landscapes.

Once there you must check out the Park’s restaurant where you can sample food that has been cooked with the use of volcanic heat. Also in the same vein of adventure is a visit to the Los Verdes caves which feature an underground lake and unforgettable sized stalactites and stalagmites.

Things to do in Costa Teguise

Get out and about in beautiful Costa Teguise in Lanzarote and enjoy a holiday that you would be talking about for years to come. The resort which first came on the scene back in the 1970s strikes a great balance as it offers a variety of beaches that you are sure to love, water sports and great restaurants dotted all over the town.

The beaches in Costa Teguise have been given the famed Blue flag honour and it provides you with hours of fun whether you are scuba-diving, sailing or just lounging on the white sands being at one with the sun. Try a game of golf at one of the courses that are here or cool down while having some big fun at the water park, the only one of its kind in all of Lanzarote.

At this aqua park there is a children’s leisure park which is filled with bouncy castles and trampolines and other stuff that the children would like and there is also a lake that is great for swimming in.

The accommodation in Costa Teguise also offers quite a few amenities with entertainment being one of them. The hotels here are a great source for putting your social life into overdrive and it may also be one of the few places that is actually opened late and provides some form of leisure while elsewhere the entertainment shuts down quite early.

Sure there are a few discos here as well as English and Irish owned bars and pubs too. But for a really good time where you can groove and move until the sun comes up, your best bet would be to take a bus and head out to the capital of Arrecife.

Restaurants in Costa Teguise are aplenty and they offer tasty local and international meals to cater to any palate. Shopping in Costa Teguise is a rewarding experience as you not only get a variety of souvenir and gift items but it helps that the prices are tax-free so that you can get more to take home with you as well.

On this resort you will find boutiques loaded with souvenir and gift items with a variety to choose from. And if you enjoy outdoor shopping where there is an upbeat and lively pace going then you would love the Sunday market which is in the resort’s capital. There are over one hundred vendors here who are plying their trade specifically for the bargain hunters.

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