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Coast Costa Del Silencio Holidays

Just south of the shore in Tenerife and a few miles from the Reina Sofia International airport, there one would find Costa del Silencio or the Silent Coast as it is fondly known, a quiet yet picturesque resort that has paved the way for a stream of other resorts in the area. Nearby resorts include the popular Las Americas and Los Cristianos. And if you are in the mood for driving a small distance away you would come across El Medano and Los Abrigos resorts.

As one of the first resorts, Costa del Silencio came into being back in the 1960s. It was and still continues to be quite a popular with visitors and have seen its fair share of holiday makers from Germany, Belgian and even the United Kingdom. The weather here is gorgeous year-round and although there isn’t a beach here for you to cool down, you would be happy to know that you are only within walking distance from the beach at Las Galletas resort. This beach is unique in that there is black sand and we recommend that you wear shoes as you walk the sand since it is pebbly.

The absence of a beach here in Costa del Silencio means that you can spend more time doing other things on this charming resort. Get your holiday off to a great start by visiting Mount Teide. Also known as El Teide, this is a dormant volcano which is said to be the highest elevation in the Atlantic. Surrounding the volcano is the Teide National Park which has been named as one of Spain’s twelve treasures.

Covering close to 130 square kilometers of land space, one can visit here and to view a wide range of plants and animals. In addition there is a hiking trail and if you still have enough energy, then visit Mount Teide via a ride on a cable car. Of course there are also up close and personal tours of Mount Teide where the visitors get a close up view of the mouth of the volcano. To get this such exclusivity one has to apply for a permit way in advance before visiting the park.

Most visitors would tell you that Costa del Silencio is also a great place to shop. Prices here on items are tax-free and if you are shopping for souvenir items there is a wide variety of them. Some of the finest in crafting items like embroidery items, pottery and wicker items.

Things to do in Costa Del Silencio

If your holiday is calling for something sunny, something fun, a variety of entertainment as well as a good place to relax, then Costa Del Silencio is the perfect spot for you. Located in Tenerife, Spain Costa Del Silencio definitely lives up to its name as the Silent Coast. It’s peaceful in this resort no matter what time of day you arrive and it is this serenity that has drawn a large number of visitors on a regular basis.

Costa Del Silencio offers several entertainment choices for your enjoyment. The resort is filled with several restaurants and bars which offer a variety in terms of the menu. No matter your culinary preferences you can find it here. Try Chinese meals to Italian, Spanish and British as well as Belgian and of course Canary Islands food. Food from the Canary Islands is a hybrid of Spanish, Latin American and African.

When you get to a Canarian restaurant be sure to try the papas arrugadas which is wrinkly baked potatoes that is cooked in sea water and accompanied by a tasty sauce. Night time in Costa Del Silencio is always abuzz with bars packed to a capacity but when it comes to dance clubs they are on a smaller scale than what you may be accustomed to. However if you are looking for a nightlife which offers casinos and dance clubs on a large scale, then your best bet would be to visit neighbouring resorts such as Playa de Las Americas.

Getting around in Costa Del Silencio can be easily achieved via the bus service although most would recommend that you take a car. You can then journey to a few places around the resort that would definitely hold your interest. Take a camera along with you and visit one of the few parks that are around. Although very small in size these parks are well maintained and aside from its scenic views it is also a great place to take the children if they are on holiday with you. One such place is Damon Park which is complete with tennis courts and mini golf courses.

Tennis lessons are also offered here for those who may have a love for the sport but have never played. Elsewhere in the park are petanque courts which always draw competition from the Belgian visitors. The park is also equipped with a bar as well should you get thirsty.

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