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Costa Antigua Holidays

Costa de Antigua is a peaceful, secluded resort area on Fuerteventura perfect for a relaxing getaway. Although less than a kilometre from Costa Caleta, Costa de Antigua is relatively residential, and even more laid-back.

Fuerteventura's hidden gem has long, sandy beaches and beautiful coastal walks and is an ideal retreat for couples or just those seeking peace and quiet with blue skies and practically assured weather. The sandy beach is white and soft, with a purpose built development offering apartments, hotels and villas to choose from. It makes an excellent base from which to explore the rest of Fuerteventura and return home after a day's adventuring to a peaceful evening in a cafe by the beach.

The blue sea is breathtaking, calm and beautiful, and it is easy to spend days at a time relaxing by the enchanting view or swimming in the calm, smooth waters. The town is small and quiet, with virtually no traffic or noise. For many visitors, the escape from the hectic world beyond the island is perfect.

The sea is crystal clear, and the sand is almost white. The beach is child-friendly, and whilst a handful of water sports are on offer, if you are looking for windsurfing, waterskiing or other high-octane water sports you will need to go to another beach – which is not hard, as Fuerteventura has over a hundred and fifty beaches in all!

Being such a small area, Costa de Antigua's restaurants and cafes are limited in number. Hotels also have restaurants which are open to visitors, but for variety and international cuisine head to the nearby resort of Costa Caleta. Costa de Antigua's restaurants are family-owned businesses with excellent fresh produce – much of it seafood – and they are happy to tailor dishes to your personal taste. To sample the local flavours without filling up, tide yourself over between lunch and dinner, or to accompany a pleasant evening's drinks why not order tapas? A traditional selection of bite-sized portions, tapas is a Spanish favourite, with options differing according to season and availability.

If you would like to head out to sea, nearby towns have many options, from boat, catamaran or yacht tours of the coastline to ferries which will whisk you away to other islands in the Canaries for a very reasonable price. Lanzarote may offer a glimpse of volcanic activity, the nature reserve island of Los Lobos is an idyllic day out, and Gran Canaria has a stunning landscape which ranges from mountainous to desert, awesome canyons to tropical forest. Nearby Costa Caleta also hosts a few tour organisers who your resort can put you in touch with or you may choose to visit directly.

Costa de Antigua's resorts are as quiet as the town itself. From self-catering to full board, hotels to villas, there is an option to suit everyone. Accommodations are clean, well-maintained, and many either have their own swimming pools or access to a nearby shared pool.

Nightlife is, as befits the setting, low-key and quiet. Restaurants and cafes have open-air tables out by the beachfront that are extremely pleasant, where you can dine under starlight whilst the air remains wonderfully warm. You will not find any nightclubs or discos here, and no drunken antics from fellow holidaymakers will keep you up late at night. If a club is your thing you can travel to nearby Costa Caleta for entertainment and a taxi back is a matter of a few euros.

Costa de Antigua is also neatly connected to Antigua with a road which leads right to the heart of Fuerteventura's most famous town. Ten minutes away by car, twenty by bus, Antigua is a beautiful old town dating from the 18th Century with picturesque streets, a stunning old church, and the home of Fuerteventura's only native television station.

Reaching Costa de Antigua is simple. Because Fuerteventura is such a small island, long hotel transfers are next to impossible here, and Costa de Antigua is a mere fifteen minutes from the airport at Puerto del Rosario. There are several ways of getting there: your hotel may have arranged a shuttle bus; there are public buses which run regularly and timetables are available from the airport; taxis are always available and can whisk you to Costa de Antigua in comfort; or you can hire a car for the duration of your stay, which would put the rest of the island within easy reach for days on which you would like to explore.

Costa de Antigua is the perfect getaway from a hectic world. Ideal for sun-worshippers and those seeking laid-back, quiet days followed by relaxing and sublime evenings, those looking for a loud and wild time need not apply.

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