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Caleta de Fuste Holidays

Caleta de Fuste, also known as Costa Caleta, is a small resort town in Fuerteventura ideal for family holidays. With a view over a stunning crescent bay with child-safe waters, year-round guaranteed sunshine and acres of soft golden sand, it is the perfect family destination.

There is plenty to do in town, as well as on the beach. For adults there is a Championship golf course nearby. Diving trips out to sea allow you to view the underwater world with a group and tutor. Windsurfing and jet ski hire are available from the beachfront water centre. Pubs and clubs play host to a wide variety of live music.

For children there are plenty of activities including a mini-golf course, trampolining and ball games such as tennis and volleyball, and, of course, the child-safe waters of the bay are a joy to swim and play in.

Caleta de Fuste has plenty of things for the whole family to do together. A multiplex cinema showing the latest English language films, day trips out to sea on boats and yachts, and a new shopping arcade are just a few of the days out available. A market along the high street on Saturday mornings boasts an amazing selection of clothes, jewellery, leatherwork and African goods.

Caleta de Fuste makes a great base for exploring Fuerteventura, such as the Isla de Lobos nature reserve, sand dunes around Corralejo, the sub-tropical zoo at Paradise Park or the many remote and traditional villages inland. Take some unshelled pistachio nuts along with you, as the local monkeys love these treats, and will gently take them from your hands, shell and eat them before your eyes.

As a seafront town, Caleta de Fuste has plenty of seafood restaurants all serving the freshest catches of the day in a tantalising array of meals. There are many ethnic and world-cuisines to choose from, including traditional Spanish and Canarian, English, Chinese and Greek. Bars also offer home-cooked meals and tapas. The local businesses are family-owned and run. Owners and staff alike are devoted to guaranteeing that your food and service are the best they can be. Staff are friendly and accommodating, and the food is outstanding whatever you choose. Several bars have their own pools for you to relax in or by, with drinks and tapas served to the poolside. Some serve breakfast and all are open for late meals, relaxing drinks, events and music.

Caleta de Fuste has safe, thriving nightlife. Bars and clubs offer karaoke, live music and dancing in comfortable, sociable surroundings. All-night parties and heavy drinking have not tainted Caleta de Fuste: the nightlife is traditional. Your hosts take care of you, and socialising is fun and easy. Bars in Caleta de Fuste are themed, so picking the place that is right for you is made easy, whether you would like to watch sports or have a Seventies night. And with reasonable prices it is good to while away the evening without emptying your wallet.

Caleta de Fuste is only ten minutes from Puerto del Rosario Airport. A taxi for this journey will cost around twelve euros, and despite the airport nearby aircraft noise is negligible.

To take advantage of Caleta de Fuste as a base for exploring Fuerteventura, hire a car at Puerto del Rosario Airport. The drive down to Caleta de Fuste is pleasant, clearly signposted and petrol is readily available across the island. It may turn out to be more convenient than using a taxi for day trips, as Caleta de Fuste has fewer than twenty taxis and they do not accept advance bookings, however, they will arrive promptly if you phone for one.

Bus travel is slow, as it is used by locals for travelling between towns, but cheaper than taxis. At €1.30 per adult from the airport to Caleta de Fuste, with timetables available at major stops and the airport, the bus is simple and affordable, although you may have to wait up to an hour for the next bus in distant areas.

Fuerteventura has no rail infrastructure, as it is too small to require it. There are a few tourist trains and funiculars here and there, but they are not used for travel as such. Some are purely to ferry visitors around particular resorts.

Caleta de Fuste's bicycle shop also offers bicycle hire and bicycle tours led by an experienced local guide. They have a free map of local cycling paths and routes for you if you would rather explore unguided. They also hire out trailers and trail-a-longs (bike attachments with mini seats and pedals for smaller children to "ride" behind adults) so that children can go with you and not be exhausted by pedalling. Trailers are particularly handy, as they have sunshades built in to protect delicate skin from the sun.

Caleta de Fuste is perfect for a relaxing family holiday.

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