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Arona Holidays

Tucked away in a valley on the island of Tenerife, one would find the quaint and sleepy town of Arona. Arona is a municipality and there are actually some places that you can visit in Arona where you would see beautiful colonial styled homes and architecture reminiscent of old Arona. As an interesting contrast, Arona is also the home to four of Tenerife’s leading resorts. They include Los Cristianos, Costa del Silencio, Las Galletas and Playa de la Americas.

Together these four resorts help to add variety to your holiday package without having to go too far away from each resort. The weather in Arona is unbelievably cool throughout the year giving you more time to explore this part of the island before your holiday ends.

The great weather also contributes to healthy soil where crops can strive and this is more evident in the area of the Valley of Saint Lorenzo. It is in this area that you can find the growth of bananas, peppers, tomatoes and potatoes to name a few. The bananas grown here are usually sent to the markets in the peninsular while the other vegetables are sent to the rest of Europe. Visitors to Arona will be exposed to the town’s popular festivals that occur on a yearly basis in Los Cristianos. The activities usually kick off in January with Saint Antonio Abad’s pilgrimage. Other activities include carnivals in Los Cristianos, folklore festivals in July and honouring saints during the year in different parts of Arona.

Arona is also filled with beautiful architecture some dating back as early as the 1600s. One such building that continues to attract tourists who visit Arona is the church of Saint Antonio Abad. This building was constructed in the 1600s and later rebuilt some centuries later. Also another tourist attraction here is the natural beauty that the town offers.

There are two natural monuments here and they are the Natural Monument of Guaza Mountain and Roque de Jama. They are both volcanic edifice with the Roque de Jama being the larger of the two. A holiday in a tropical climate such as this is never complete without beaches. Here there are over 15 kilometres of beaches that are great for relaxation or for taking part in aquatic type activities. Some of the popular beaches can be found in the Los Cristianos area as well as Las Galletas and Costa del Silencio.

Things to do in Arona

If you are looking for a holiday that offers a tropical feel without having to jet off to a Caribbean island then pack your bags and get ready to have the time of your life in gorgeous Arona. Arona was once known as a fishing village but the area has revolutionised into a town that offers old and new architecture.

Tourism is very big in Arona and it is evident by some of the attractions that you would see here. This town which is on Tenerife Island is equipped with everything that would make a holiday makers stay very enjoyable and no doubt memorable. In this municipality there are four resorts, and over 10 lovely beaches to choose from. These beaches include El Camison beach, La Ballena beach and the Las Visitas beach.

The resorts which make up parts of Arona offer a lot of variety for the average tourist. These resorts include Playa de las Americas, Costa del Silencio, Las Galletas and Los Cristianos. For the holiday maker who enjoys lazy days on the beach soaking up the sun they would definitely love being in Playa de las Americas.

Water sports are also a favourite past-time here as well. Costa del Silencio is the diving capital of Tenerife and it is also a very quiet and peaceful place to be. It is also ideal for hours of fishing. In the Punta de Rasca area there is a very treasured whale reserve which you should make it a must to see. The largest mural in the world can be found at Los Cristianos, a port where ferries connect to other neighbouring islands. The mural was created as a way to signal the protection of whales.

Years ago Arona was known for being a fishing village. Fishing is still popular in Las Galletas and this is one part of the town that stays true to this tradition.

If you are a sporting enthusiast there are many activities that you can indulge in. for one thing there are golf courses, football fields, and a sporting complex where a variety of sports are played. An athletic track and pool also adds to the sporting possibilities that you can explore.

Culturally there are a whole lot going on in Arona. Los Cristianos attracts tourists and locals alike for their annual Folklore Festivity. Other events include the Our Lady of the Rosary memorial which takes place on the first Sunday in October.

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