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Amarilla Golf Holidays

If your idea of a perfect dream holiday is a combination of golf and the amenities of a resort then Amarilla Golf Course is definitely the place to go. Amarilla Golf Course can be found in Tenerife in an area that is very close to the El Teide Mountain in Spain as well as the Atlantic Ocean.

In Tenerife the weather is always beautiful throughout the year and it is the perfect escape from the wintry weather that you may be experiencing in your neck of the woods. The weather is neither too hot nor too cold but “just right” you would think that it is spring everyday of the year.

Often described as a hidden gem, Amarilla Golf Course is where the professionals go to play when they are in Tenerife. The course which was designed around the 1980s has once played host to the PGA European tour back in 1990. The architecture at the course is stunning and there is an eighteen-hole championship course which makes for interesting competition. And even if you need extra golfing equipment, there is a golf shop that is within walking distance.

There is never really a dull moment when you are at Amarilla Golf for you do not have to be a golfer to enjoy your holiday here. The San Miguel marina for instance is a great place for you to enjoy a few water sports and the calm serenity which offers a spectacular sea view. This marina is very close to the Amarilla Golf course and for anyone who goes there they are in for a well-deserved treat.

The San Miguel Marina offers many activities to visitors including a tour to explore life under the sea via a submarine. It is here in the submarine that tourists would be able to get an up-close and personal view of a variety of fish species and turtles to name a few that live underwater.

Sailing is also another favourite past-time when you are in the San Miguel Marina and even if you do not know anything about sailing there are classes that you can take without going too far away. Visitors can also learn to jet ski and scuba dive by signing up with classes that are at the marina as well. You can also find accommodation here at Amarilla Golf in the form of exquisite looking bungalows and villas with great amenities.

Things to do in Amarilla Golf

When one hears the name Amarilla Golf they quickly conjure up a place where golf is played all day. But alas Amarilla Golf is so much more that visitors would be pleasantly surprised to see that they get more than they bargain for when they visit. Amarilla Golf is in gorgeous Tenerife, a place oozing with brilliant sunshine and perfect weather throughout the year. When you are there at the Amarilla Golf you expect to see a picturesque wide expanse of a well-manicured golf course with towering palm trees.

The professional 18-hole golf course will give you hours of fun as you come up with strategies to conquer your opponent. After a good game has been won, visit the San Miguel marina and enjoy some conversation and perhaps some coffee at the upper deck café. As you sit at the café you are able to enjoy the view of the calm sea, the golf course and well as the country club. A really convenient place to be, Amarilla Golf can be equated to a small community where you can get anything that you can possibly need without having to travel very far.

There are shops here that sell everything from vehicles to electrical items, furniture and boats. Amarilla Golf also offers bungalow type villas and apartments that are located on the periphery of the golf course. The villas are equipped with an equestrian centre and bars and for the swimming enthusiasts there are private swimming pools here or if you prefer you can visit the beaches which are close by.

Within mere minutes of Amarilla Golf are El Medano and Playa de la Tejita beaches two of which are good for sun bathing and windsurfing among other things. In addition, there are restaurants at Amarilla Golf which offer a wide range of International meals at an affordable price. Feast your eyes and excite your palette with the choice of Italian, Indian and even Chinese cuisine. You are also sure to love the breakfast that is being served there at the café bars as well since they are comfort foods that would definitely remind you of being home.

For even more of a variety you can always travel to the nearby town of Los Abrigos for what is described as the best fish restaurants in town. Nightlife in Tenerife comes alive at the bars and clubs which are only 20 minutes away in the Las Americas area.

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