Advanced Passenger Information

What is APIS?

A: APIS stands for ‘advanced passenger information’. Border Agencies in Great Britain and also abroad require your tour operator, ie Thomsons, Thomas Cook etc.. , to collect your APIS before you travel. Your tour operator will then pass your details onto your destination countries Customs and Immigration Authorities. As a rule of thumb the information that you will be required to provide is passport numbers, expiry dates, issue dates, nationality, dates of birth and country of birth.

Q: Who needs to provide APIS?

A: Eventually all passengers will be required to provide APIS but as it’s a fairly new procedure tour operators and airlines are rolling it out slowly over 2010.

Q: Does Advance Passenger Information guarantee me admission to the United States?

A: Completion of Advance Passenger Information is one of a number of requirements you must follow to be eligible to travel to the USA. Other entry requirements include having a machine readable or biometric passport for all travellers.

You must also be eligible to travel under the Visa Waiver Programme (VWP) or apply for a visa – visit In addition, you must obtain travel authorisation from the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA). You can apply for authorisation at: Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA).

By meeting all of these requirements and providing your Advance Passenger Information to us on this website, this establishes that you are eligible to travel to the United States but does not guarantee that you are admissible to the United States. Upon arrival in the United States you will be inspected by a Customs and Border Protection officer at a port of entry who may determine that you are inadmissible under the Visa Waiver Program or for any reason under United States law.

We will not be responsible for any refunds or costs you incur if you are denied boarding due to your failure to provide Advanced Passenger Information on our website or the information you provide is inaccurate.

Q:How long is the Advance Passenger Information I provide valid?

A:The information you provide is specific to the booking and journey you are undertaking. If you have more than one booking with us, you will need to complete Advanced Passenger Information for each booking. Please note, if any passengers are added to the booking or any changes are made to existing passenger details (such as title, initial or surname) and you have already completed your Advanced Passenger Information, this will need to be re-entered. For travellers to the USA, if you or your tour operator has changed your accommodation since you entered your Advanced Passenger Information, we will require you to submit all your Advanced Passenger Information again.

Q: When do I need to provide my Advanced Passenger Information?

A: Different tour operators and airlines have different cut off dates that APIS can be provided. Please click on your relevant tour operators link on or main APIS homepage to see your date span.

Q:What should I do if the information on my passport has changed?

A: If you or anyone else on your booking obtain a new passport or there is a change to your passport information or that of any passenger on your booking, you must re-submit the Advanced Passenger Information for all passengers on your booking.

Q:Is there a fee for providing Advanced Passenger Information?

A: Currently there is no fee to provide us with your Advanced Passenger Information.

Q:What if I have made a mistake on my Advance Passenger Information?

A: You will have the opportunity to review all passengers details before submitting your Advanced Passenger Information – before confirming the details you have entered, click on the ‘Change’ button and you will be taken to a screen where you can select one or more passengers details to re-enter. (Please note, for security reasons any previously entered information will not re-appear and you will need to submit this information again).

If after you have confirmed all your details you realise a mistake may have been made, you can log back onto the website and change one or more passenger details. For security reasons any previously entered information will not re-appear and you will need to submit this information again.

Q:What if I don’t have internet access?

A: Advanced Passenger Information systems are internet based. We recommend you visit a local library, internet café, use the internet at a workplace or ask help from friends or family if you do not have internet access at home.

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