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Las Vegas Holidays

The world renowned Las Vegas is the largest city in Nevada and is situated in its southern desert area. It is undoubtedly the entertainment capital of the world and carries the nick name Sin City. It provides entertainment, hotels and gambling on a grand scale providing something of a fantasy land atmosphere.

International flights come directly into McCarran International Airport with a variety of modes of transport being widely available to take you on to your hotel.

Gambling is the main business of the city and you can gamble almost anywhere in Las Vegas even at the airport and some supermarkets although you do need to be 21 years of age to do so legally and many places will ask for valid ID. There are a myriad of games for gambling from craps to poker and blackjack as well as slot machines and roulette tables. Not all venues play the same odds so be sure to check before you play.

One of the reasons for gambling besides hoping for a win is that you could receive complimentary rooms, meals and even airfare depending on how you play. If you do succumb to the casinos and win be careful of the withholding tax charged by the US authorities which will need to be claimed back if you don't want to make a dent in your big win.

Las Vegas has a multitude of things to see and do beside the casinos and entertainment shows. Take a look at the Flamingo Garden with its spectacular planting and exotic birds or the MGM lion habitat. Or why not check out Mirage where almost every hour in the evening the "volcano" in front of the casino erupts in a light show. If it's weird, spectacular or exotic from shark tanks to the world's largest golden nugget you can guarantee someone has thought to put it on display in Las Vegas.

To encourage you to part with your cash in the gambling machines many of the venues put on free shows. The Masquerade Show in the Sky is one of the most popular free shows in Las Vegas, offering a mix between Mardi Gras floats and the Rio Carnival. With so much on offer for free you can be sure that the shows you pay for are even more stunning with choices ranging from some of the world's leading stage shows, acrobats and global singing stars. There is entertainment of every sort offering in every sense variety from music to magic shows as well as comedy and more adult themed offerings.

A great way to gain perspective on Las Vegas is to take one of the famous helicopter tours which take in the Grand Canyon as well as swoop over the Las Vegas strip.

If you can drag yourself away from the slot machines and are feeling romantic then Las Vegas is the wedding capital of the world. The cost of a marriage license is $60 per opposite-sex couple with the Las Vegas Wedding Bureau open from 9am-midnight seven days a week, including holidays. No blood test or waiting period is required. There are then numerous wedding chapels for the ceremony.

Other activities include some of America's best mountain climbing as well as hiking and backpacking, skiing, mountain biking and tennis.

For the less adventurous and for those with winnings to spend many of the larger casinos now include high-end shopping areas with designer stores. Las Vegas is also a hub for outlet malls, with numerous sites throughout the area.