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Tower Bay Holidays

Tower Bay may be a small part of Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt but it is definitely a town that stands on its own for its attractions and undeniable beauty. Besides the scenic views here beyond your imagination Tower Bay is also known for its fascinating diving sites. The hotels here in Tower Bay offer panoramic views of the Red Sea and since Tower Bay is close to downtown Sharm El Sheik and Naama Bay, there is no end to the amount of fun you can have when you holiday in Tower Bay.

Snorkel or scuba-dive in Tower Bay and discover all the enchanting species of fish and bright and brilliant coloured reefs there. Most divers make the trip to the Ras Mohamed National Park where they can dive and explore the wreckage that is underwater. When snorkeling please remember that stepping on the coral is not permitted nor is touching them allowed. Visitors are also asked to not feed the fish.

Ras Mohamed National Park also has an unbelievable amount of mangroves that grow in the sea which is a phenomenon by itself and is also peaceful to view. The weather in Tower Bay follow those of the other towns in Sharm El-Sheik: it is warm year round with cooler temperatures around the fall season. Visitors to Tower Bay should therefore always have suntan lotion and dress in light fabrics so as not to get too humid during the day.

For top of the line shopping you would have to go to visit Naama Bay which features a broad walk of savings poised on the beach. Here visitors can find everything Egyptian from fabrics to perfumes, souvenirs and rugs and mats among other things. The prices on items here are higher than other towns in Sharm el-Sheik so be aware of this and also be prepared to pay tax on your product. While on the broad walk you may be ambushed by a seller trying to offload his items on you. If you are interested in what he has to sell then make sure to negotiate for a lower price and don’t get tricked into paying higher.

If the open air shopping does not appeal to you, you can visit one of the few malls that are situated around the town and get your shopping done privately. Take a camel ride through the Sinai desert and hear the Bedouin natives tell the tale of old Sharm El-Sheik and its history. Visit Mt. Sinai’s St. Catherine’s Monastery, the oldest church in the world.

Things to do in Tower Bay

Sun-kissed beaches and astounding landscapes, you really can’t ask for much more when you touch down at Tower Bay in Egypt. Located in Sharm-El-Sheik, Tower Bay is brimming with fun in the sun that includes water sporting activities, city tours and activities aplenty. The minute you arrive you would see how conveniently close Tower Bay is to other popular towns in Sharm El-Sheik and Naama Bay. Having the best of both these worlds would definitely add more fun to your holiday. You will find that Sharm El-Sheik is very traditional in some places especially as there is still a strong Bedouin population there and other parts of Sharm El-Sheik can be as contemporary as other places around the world.

While Tower Bay offers some good locations for diving and other water sports, it is in downtown Sharm El-Sheik and Naama Bay that you would have to visit to get your souvenir shopping done. The prices are a little cheaper in Sharm El-Sheik than if you were to go down to Naama Bay. From sandals to rugs you can get them all. And downtown Sharm El-Sheik is always busy with vendors lining the road with stalls filled with these items and even fruits. Sharm el-Sheik also offers a variety of choices for the visitor including live entertainment via performances and circus and there even is an ice-skating rink for your added pleasure. Most of this entertainment can be seen at the boardwalk in Sharm el-Sheik, a lovely place that is not too far from your hotel but close to the sea.

Bars, pubs and restaurants are in abundance here and even if you don’t fancy Egyptian food you will find a few restaurants that serve International cuisine and fast food like Pizza Hut and McDonalds. You sort of get a Las Vegas feel with all the flashy neon lights and busy atmosphere when you are in Naama Bay which is also near Tower Bay. The clubs are always popping after hours and most people go partying until the wee hours of the morning.

Most hotels in Tower Bay arrange tours for visitors and these tours can either take you to Mt. Sinai or other parts of Egypt including Cairo. How fascinating it would be to take a day tour of the Sphinx, a camel ride throughout the desert and the realistic statues of Pharaohs of long ago. And when the day is spent, you can relax doing something that is traditional to Egyptians: you can visit one of the Shisha café where one can exclusively smoke this unusual-shaped pipe.

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