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Sharm El Maya Holidays

Quiet and quaint are two perfect words to best describe the town of Sharm El Maya. Sharm El Maya which is commonly referred as Old Sharm or Old Market town is one of the oldest town in Egypt’s Sharm el-Sheik. This town is framed by Naama and Sharm El Maya Bays and it is here that visitors come to experience the true Egyptian way of life with just a sprinkle of contemporary flairs. Indeed Sharm El Maya stays true to tradition as real Middle Eastern life is displayed here. And although Sharm El Maya is situated in a fast-paced area within close proximity to a port and market, life slows down a bit for Sharm El Maya’s native especially when they make their way during the day to fulfill their religious obligations at a nearby mosque.

Although most of Sharm El Maya stick to tradition, you can still find a mirage of things here that would hold your interest and make your holiday more enjoyable. Water sports are highly recommended when you are in Sharm El Maya; no one can really resist snorkeling or scuba diving to view the majestic coral reefs that are in abundance. And if you have never seen a lion fish up close and personal, you would definitely see it in the underwater world here. Non-divers can also experience the underwater life without even getting wet as they tour on a glass-bottom boat. Tours of the Sinai Mountains and the desert are only a camel or jeep ride away. Visit the Coloured Canyon which is a spectacular sight to behold or see mangroves and turtles in their nesting stage at the nearby Ras Mohamed.

Sharm El Maya is also the best place to go shopping for Egyptian items that would serve as souvenirs. You can choose to shop at the countless bazaars and supermarkets and you are almost guaranteed to get cheaper prices than other towns in Sharm el-Sheik. Sharm El Maya is the home for some of the best souvenir items as statues of ancient gods, amulets and other jewelry, scented oils, ceramic and Bedouin scarves. There are many restaurants here but if you want to eat in a place that looks and feels like Egypt then the cafes overlooking the ocean in Sharm El-Moiya would interest you. Sharm El-Moiya is a relatively small harbor that is often visited by many yachts and is said to be the ideal place to relax and enjoy the ambience.

Things to do in Sharm El Maya

When you arrive in Sharm El Maya in Sharm El-Sheik, Egypt you would truly appreciate its unspoiled beauty and realize that it is one of the few towns there that has kept its original Egyptian appearance. Sharm El Maya may not be as developed as some of the other town but it is still one of those places that backpackers love to visit and those with a penchant for the “old town” charm.

Sharm El Maya is known for its long lengths of beaches. Terrazine Beach is by far the most popular and is often used for the gathering of friends and for barbecuing among other things. And if a day spent at this beach puts you in a party mood then you need to try a few places in downtown Sharm el Maya that may interest you. You can choose visit Hard Rock Café or party at the few nightclubs that are there or you just may want to drive 15 minutes away to Naama Bay where there are a variety of clubs, bars and great live entertainment to cater to everyone.

A Middle Eastern tradition is the smoking of shishas and there are actually quite a few cafes that have been constructed in Sharm El Maya to cater to shisha smokers. At the shisha cafes, one is allowed to smoke tobacco through an unusually shaped pipe. The restaurants in Sharm El Maya serve both authentic Egyptian and International food and breakfast at the café usually consists of falafel and fava beans while lunch could consist of sesame paste and the delightful hummus. Both international and local cuisines are served at the restaurants here with seafood being a predominant ingredient on the menu. Prawns are the ultimate catch of the day from the Red Sea and most restaurants would serve it with Egyptian wine.

The weather in Sharm El Maya is always dry and sunny and weather such as this can truly encourage a visitor to get out and try new things. Paragliding and sand-skiing are definitely things that you can do to take your fun level to the next level and if you have never gone scuba-diving before, there are many diving centres in the town that are willing to work with first time divers.

Hotels are involved with giving their customers guided tours to historical and interesting parts of Egypt. Visiting Bedouins and observing their way of life is truly the highpoints of these tours with the ultimate part of the trip being that you will get a chance to also sample some of their traditional dinner.

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