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Ras Nosrani Holidays

Beauty is in abundance everywhere you go in Ras Nosrani in South Sinai, Egypt. As part of the popular Sharm El Sheikh resort towns, Ras Nosrani boasts inviting beaches with golden sands, world-class hotels and an underwater world worth exploring. The former area for the army base, Ras Nosrani has been a part of the Tiran Straits for the last 18 years. It is also a town that is under the protection of the National Park. The weather in Ras Nosrani is always splendid no matter the time of year that you visit.

Temperatures are in the 40s during the summer time and during the Christmas season visitors can enjoy 20 degrees at the beach. And since there are no clouds in the skies there, lots of suntan lotion is required especially if you would be spending long hours outdoors. After checking into your hotel, take a trip down to the beach where you can go snorkeling to enjoy the coral reefs and different species of fish that live underwater. On your dive you may even be able to see a few turtles and dolphins and stingrays swimming peacefully in their natural habitat.

Visit The Mangroves Forest and see why so many visitors rave about it when they visit the National Park and for a laid-back afternoon you can either enjoy a game of golf or go horseback riding and soak in the Middle Eastern landscapes. Sinai tours are available through most hotels and the history behind some of the places you may see there could leave you with goose bumps. Mt. Sinai is a treasure trove of Biblical history and just all-round natural beauty. You can journey up the Mount on a camel or take a jeep ride and take a tour of the St. Catherine’s Monastery and check out the spectacular architecture that dwells in the 6th-century Basilica of the Transfiguration. The Biblical Burning Bush from Moses’ day is also here as well.

The top of Mt. Sinai is called Moses’ mount and it is there that Moses received the instructions for the Ten Commandments from God. From that point one can see a beautiful sunset but be warned that the top of the mountain is not for the faint-hearted. Ras Nosrani also has lots of interesting festivals that you can indulge in. Enjoy camel racing when you visit in the months of April and May and lovers of fishing would truly enjoy the yearly angling festival which takes place in July.

Things to do in Ras Nosrani

Escape to Ras Nosrani in the Sinai Pininsula, Egypt and get caught up in the Middle Eastern charm and ambience. The white and pristine sandy beaches there are well worth diving into to enjoy a quick swim or to scuba dive into the underwater world. The beaches are just a tip of the iceberg, there are so much more to indulge in when in Ras Nosrani. It is hard to travel through Ras Nosrani and miss the natural beauty of its landscape that travel postcards are made of. And not to be outdone are the variety of wildlife that you can take a glimpse of while at the Ras Mohammed National Wildlife Reserve.

For the parents spending the holiday with the children in Ras Nosrani they will find it delightful to be at the Fun Land Theme park which also has a pool. The children would also love visiting the Coloured Canyon which is situated approximately 200 kilometres away in the Sinai desert. Have your video and still cameras ready to film this phenomenal sight which features coloured walls that is a resemblance to play clay as it is awash with the colours of golds, purples and reds. The canyon’s natural beauty is as a result of millions of years of formation mixed with the elements of nature.

The canyon is one of the most visited in Sinai and those who go there are interested in hiking the canyon and exploring its interior. If you are claustrophobic the hike at Coloured Canyon may be too much for you as the passages in the canyon are extremely narrow. Once back in Ras Nosrani you may be tempted to get out and enjoy a night or two on the town. You would be happy to know that Ras Nosrani is famous for its late-opening nightclubs, bars and restaurants to choose from. A beautiful sunset here in the Middle East signals a night filled with bar hopping and festivities which come alive and restaurants that serve International dishes for its varied clients. Even if you are not into dining at a big restaurant, there are a few intimate nooks that you can dine in and still enjoy a great meal. Since Ras Nosrani is part of Sharm el-Sheik the crossover to other towns there is almost too predictable. Downtown Sharm offers a few casinos while neighbouring Naama Bay is the heartbeat of entertainment in Sharm.

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