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Holidays in Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam is one of the gems of Egypt located close to the Tropic of Cancer. As a Red Sea resort, the atmosphere here is as tropical as they come. Sun-kissed beaches, swaying palm trees and great year-round weather make this destination one that you would be telling your friends about for a long time to come. The weather in Marsa Alam can get up to 45 degrees in the summer months while the winter there is anything from 18 to 35 degrees.

Like all other resorts in this side of Egypt, Marsa Alam also had a humble fishing village beginning which turned into a trading post for the Romans who used to trade goods with countries such as East Africa and India. It was also a known place for producing mining stones such as gold and iron and of course the green coloured Bekheny stone, the latter of which were available from the Wadi Hammamat centre.

It was not until some eight years ago with the opening of the Marsa Alam International Airport that developers started to discover the tourism potential in this little town. Soon Marsa Alam became just as popular and visited as some of the other resort towns in Egypt. For the most part, Marsa Alam is known one of the best places to visit for diving. One of the popular diving areas is the Samadai Reef which is situated a short distance away from Marsa Alam.

This diving location is commonly known as Dolphin House since the reef is also home to several spinner dolphins. This reef is shaped like a horseshoe and on occasions divers get lucky enough to swim alongside these playful and gentle species of fish. This reef also offers variety as there are different places within that a diver can explore. There is even a cave down there and the lagoon also has a variety of fish species including lionfish and leopard groupers.

If you are brave and trained enough you should try Elphinstone Reef another great diving spot if only to see the array of beautiful colours on the reef’s walls. Divers must be aware of the sharks and angel fish and not to mention barracudas that live there. Another plus in visiting Marsa Alam is that it is a great place for sightseeing as well. Although there are jeeps and quad bikes that are available for touring the desert, the best way would be to enjoy the authentic way of enjoying the views from atop a camel’s back.

What to do in Marsa Alam

When you visit Marsa Alam, don’t be fooled by the city’s quiet and laid-back demeanor. As a matter of fact one would be pleasantly surprised by the variety of fun and excitement that they can enjoy here. Marsa Alam is a resort in Egypt and it offers sprawling and pristine beaches, great and luxurious world class hotels and of course excursions and sporting activities to keep you busy all holiday long. The perfect place to relax is on the beach. Here is the ideal location for enjoying your favourite book as the palm trees dance to the ebb and flow of the ocean.

Beach volleyball is also enjoyed at the beach and there is truly never a dull moment there when live entertainment takes place on the coastline. Elsewhere in Marsa Alam you can take things up a notch by going scuba-diving. Delve into the underwater world at Fury Shoal, a known diving spot where a beautiful and colourful coral garden blooms. Wreckage from old ships and tugboats can also be found underwater and most enjoy the thrill of exploring it.

A visit to Marsa Alam would be incomplete if you do not visit one of their many shopping locations. Souvenir items can be bought at these shops which provide a variety of great smelling perfumes and oils, traditional Bedouin clothing among other things. Your land sight-seeing should involve a visit to the Emerald Pines. This is a place that once housed the richest lot of emeralds. Today the mine is predominantly ruins with the exception of original walls and windows.

But all the same it is still an interesting place to visit for history sake. Next take a camel ride to the desert and get an amazing view of the mountains. The noted Wadi Gimal National Park is accessible by camel and quite interesting enough the park is commonly known as The Valley of the Camels. Here is the perfect place to see mangroves and wild gazelle running about.

And if you were every intrigued by the Bedouins then hearing about history and personal stories, you must visit a Bedouin tent. On a visit to a Bedouin tent you would not only be guaranteed some rest from the natives but they also welcome their guests with a cup of tea. When the evening time rolls around, there are several bars and restaurants that are quite popular with locals and visitors alike. The restaurant serves a myriad of food using both International and local dishes.

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