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Gardens Bay Holidays

Gardens Bay is a small town which also adds to the beautiful scheme of things in Sharm El-Sheik in Egypt. Like the other resorts here, Gardens Bay offer tremendous Read Sea views from your hotel with jagged cliffs and white sandy beaches. It isn’t uncommon to see scuba divers here or beachcombers just relaxing or tanning under the brilliant year-round sunshine. If you visit Gardens Bay and want to take your holiday to the next level, then you would have to leave Gardens Bay for a few days to enjoy some Middle Eastern shopping and hospitality in Sharm el-Sheik.

Also possessing hot and sunny summers with mild to moderate winters, Sharm el Sheikh is the perfect holiday spot for both adults and children. It is also a great place for couples to honeymoon as well. Divers frequent Sharm el-Sheik as well in search for the interesting underwater life that exists there. One can actually immerse themselves into the warm waters and delve deeper where they would be enthused by the sight of multi-coloured reefs to unique looking fish. Your nature tour would not be complete without a visit to the Ras Mohammed Park, a national reserve that boasts of having everything from mammals to mangroves including turtles, and espy ospreys and gazelles to name a few.

Even if you are not a diving professional there are many diving centers in Sharm el-Sheik that would cater to you. And with the implementation of glass-bottom boats, visitors are also able to view the underwater attractions without getting out of the boat or getting wet.

For the children accompanying parents, a visit to the Greek monastery called St. Catherine is a must see. With a location on Mt. Sinai this oldest church has a bone collection as well as an extensive library of old books that are of interest. Biblical Moses was said to have climbed Mt. Sinai to receive the instructions of the Ten Commandments. And also on this Mount is Moses’ burning bush. This is truly a history lesson that the children can learn a lot from. For their enjoyment there is the Fun Land Theme park which features an ice rink. The park which also doubled as a diving museum draws hundreds of visitors on a daily basis. Nightlife in Sharm El Sheik runs the gamut of cosy restaurants and bars and party spots. Some of the restaurants are close to the beach so that you get to dine with a fascinating view of the sea.

Things to do in Gardens Bay

Gardens Bay is known for five star hotels that overlook brilliant shorelines. It is also one of the leading places to go scuba diving and snorkel. But most of all it is part of the popular and most visited strip of towns that are found in Sharm El-Sheik. Visitors who stay and visit Gardens Bay often find themselves straying for a while to downtown Sharm-el-Sheik where the shopping bargains are good and the night time fun is even better. Sharm el-Sheik is also amazingly beautiful by nature; everywhere you turn here you would collectively agree with other visitors that Sharm el-Sheik is the closest thing to paradise. Where else can you enjoy an incredible view of the coast and not to mention stroll with the one you love on a promenade that is lined with beautiful flowers? Certainly a visit to Gardens Bay is worth every penny, especially if it means that you can combine other towns like Sharm el-Sheik and Naama Bay at no extra cost.

For desert tours, camel and jeep rides are best. One should always dress appropriately for their tour of the desert as this side of the Middle East is still a conservative town. It is also recommended that you take along a scarf or something that would conceal your mouth and your nose so that dust from the desert would not get into your body.

From the diving and snorkeling you can steal away to El Fanar lighthouse or visit Tiran Island by ship where you can view varied exotic plants. Head back to the Old Town in Sharm el-Sheik and cash in on some savings on a variety of items. Or you can visit the ultra modern Naama Bay where casinos, pubs and clubs abound. The restaurants in Sharm el-Sheik stick to a steady diet of fish and seafood. This is usually paired with vegetables and salads making for a delicious and not to mention healthy meal.

Sharm el-Sheikh is also known for its many festivals during the year. The Camel race is one of the biggest festivals which take place during the months of April and May. On this occasion visitors are able to see just how fast (or perhaps slow) a camel can go when in competition. And over in Naama Bay is the exciting CleoPark which is the equivalent of Disney World for the children. It features an Aqua Gym, Water Volleyball and a host of other activities design for the children.

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