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Polis Cyprus

Polis is a lovely and unspoilt area of Cyprus around ten miles to the north of Paphos. It is a popular tourist spot for those seeking a quiet and relaxed holiday away from the busier resorts such as Paphos. As popular with local Cypriots as with foreign tourists, Polis has also seen a lot of holiday homes being developed and bought up in the area, as visitors return year after year.

The Town Atmosphere

Polis is quiet and friendly. It has a main centre that is pedestrianised and great for wandering around in on a quiet sunny afternoon. There are some tourist shops where you can pick up souvenirs such as leather goods, china items, olive oil and wine. The atmosphere is friendly and local and the community is welcoming of tourists.

Nightlife And Dining

There aren't any Brit style pubs or fast food outlets but there are some good restaurants which are as popular with the locals as they are the tourists. Try some of the local cuisine for a gorgeous flavourful experience. Greek Meze is the local equivalent to Spanish Tapas, with lots of small dishes with beautifully presented and tasty items, such as battered whitebait with dips, marinated vegetables and olive, fish and meat stews, houmous, pitta breads and dips, prawns, lentil dishes and other delicacies. Combine this with some local spirits or wines and you have a feast. One thing to bear in mind is that the pace of eating is much slower in Cyprus, as the restauranteurs give you time to enjoy and digest your food in stages - this can be unusual for speedy UK diners. Also dinner and lunch tend to be at later times than UK visitors are used to at home and they are social occasions to be savoured.

After your meal why not go for a coffee or a drink and a gossip at the town square, where the whole village goes to catch up on local events. If, however, you are looking for a livelier night out, then head up the road to Paphos, where there are bars, clubs, restaurants, cafes and the entertainments that you would expect from a larger resort.

Things To Do And See

Other things to do in Polis include camping by the beach, which is popular with families and enjoying water sports in the sea. Diving is popular and there's a centre which runs dive courses located in the square. There is a new company too which offers quad bike safaris for something a bit different, but if you prefer something a little quieter, then a pedal bike is ideal for exploring the area and burning off some of the calories you took in at dinner! Walking along the seafront is also very enjoyable and sunbathing is a pre-requisite for sun-seekers, with dips in the sea to cool off - just remember your protective sunscreen and parasols. There are also some lovely towns, villages and other sights around Polis - Cyprus is famous for its archaeological digs and fantastic remains which can be visited.

Where To Stay

There are some lovely little hotels and villas in and around Polis. Try staying in a typical Cypriot family run hotel if you want to experience true hospitality, or a self catering apartment if you appreciate the flexibility of eating out when you wish. As Polis is only a small destination, however, it does make sense to book your accommodation in advance as there isn't likely to be the plethora of last minute bargains that there can be with the larger resorts.

When To Go

The winter months find Polis very quiet and many of the venues are closed. If you visit between October and April the temperature is pleasant and enjoyable. In July and August it can be very hot indeed, although the cool sea breezes can help make it more bearable.

Getting There And Travelling Around The Area

Polis is in the north west of Paphos at a thirty minute driving distance from Paphos town, 45 minutes away from Paphos Airport. Bus and coach transfers are available from the airport to the village, otherwise a hire car can be a good option for getting around, especially if you wish to make excursions and see the wider area. For nights out without a hire car, then organise a taxi to avoid getting stranded! Many bus services won't run after a certain time and it can take some getting used to if you are familiar with the all night services of large UK towns!