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Camaguey Holidays

Camaguey is located in central Cuba and is the capital of the province of the same name. Originally a coastal town, it was later moved inland after constant pirate attacks. Because of this,there is only one exit to the entire city as it was designed that if the pirates ever returned the local inhabitants would be able to trap and kill them.

In 2008 the old town was given UNESCO World Heritage status so as you can imagine there is history to be found here and packing your camera should be your first priority. Plaza del Carmen is the historic square in the old town district and is full of beautiful building and views. There are a number of photo opportunities here, especially with the 'local' population of bronze statues such as a group of seated ladies as well as an old man reading a newspaper.

A second historic square with a slightly grander name is Plaza San Juan de Dios which is much the same as Plaza del Carmen but without the statues. There are several museums to take in the rich history of the city located in the Museo Provincial covering everything from art, history, paintings and even furniture. The Camaguey Ballet resides in the finest theatre the city has to offer and it is a wonderful way of spending an evening away from the bars and restaurants that would normally consume the entertainment.

If you are lucky enough to be there between the 24th and 30th of June you will be able to view the city's wonderful carnival that dates back to the 17th Century.

Ten minutes away is Coco Beach which is easily accessible by scooter or cab. Unlike most holiday beaches this one never gets overly busy and the crystal clear water and picturesque sunsets must be seen to be believed. The beach is protected by an offshore reef containing over 50 species of coral and there are over 37 dive sites along the 20km of beach run by local diving centres. If you are feeling brave then take part in the daily shark feeding. The beach restaurant serves delicious seafood (but not much else) and lobster is their speciality. You will be picking your own lobster from a collection of giants as the area is famed for large lobsters so make sure you go with a healthy appetite.

Camaguey is not famed for its nightlife and you will find it hard to party into the long hours of the morning here. Due to the city's maze design many of the street are very narrow and they constantly turn at right angles, meaning there are few large open spaces suitable for nightclubs. As with all Caribbean destinations there is an abundance of small Latin flavoured bars great for an evening drink.

Taxis are numerous in Cuba and a ten minute journey will cost around eight Pesos. If you would prefer to be independent then car rentals start from 29 Euros per day. The most popular form of tourist transport here is the scooter and these cost very little to hire on a day by day basis from many of the city's vendors.

In all, Camaguey offers a unique slice of high seas adventure from a time now past that is hard to find elsewhere.