Cheap Hotels

Getting away for the holidays is always recommended, especially if you want to put the stresses of work and life behind. But most who travel would agree that the price of hotel accommodation could be somewhat of a deterrent. No one wants to travel to an exotic location and stay in a bed and breakfast where your activities are limited in comparison to a stay at a hotel, whether it is a five star or not, would definitely be the preferred choice among travelers simply because they get to enjoy all the amenities that a hotel brings.

Not all hotels are created the same so if you are budget-minded, there are quite a few hotels that you can stay in at a very affordable price. When it comes to hotel deals, there are a lot floating around. With that said, as a traveler on a budget you should be vigilant in finding the one deal that works for you. Whatever the choice that you make in the end, always remember that you should never compromise your taste and needs for the sake of paying cheaper accommodation.

Some lower-priced hotels are usually furnished with a refrigerator, microwave and even a swimming pool. In addition these cheaper hotels are known for their continental breakfasts, but when it comes to lunch and dinner then you are practically on your own. Other basic amenities you would get in some rooms include wireless Internet connection and this is a big plus for most.

We are an ideal place to start your search for affordable deals on hotel rooms. When searching for these cheap hotels not only must you take the aspect of affordability into consideration but you must also ensure that the hotel is clean and comfortable.

When searching for a hotel, your best bet would be to choose one with a three or four star rating. Inexpensive hotels with four star rating would have most of what you need including a well secured building, a reception area and pristine surroundings. The aforementioned amenities may be somewhat of a stretch especially if you were to consider a two or three star hotel which usually features a basic set-up.

You can start your search by using the search box you see to the left and look for hotels in the area where you plan to visit and compare prices. When making a choice, pay particular attention to what the hotel is offering in terms of both accommodation and amenities.

Hotel Reviews

We will also be shortly adding the ability to read or write reviews on your cheap hotel experience. This feedback option is very valuable as you get to read all the pros and cons of someone else’s stay at a particular hotel. If the reviews are not consistently favourable with one hotel, then choose another hotel.

When you finally locate a hotel that you would want to stay in, book that room online. The experienced traveler would tell you that it is best to book your room in advance to capitalise on cheaper hotel rates. Others would advise that you make reservations for a Friday since this is said to be a slow week day at most hotels. Following in a close second and third are Sundays and Mondays as well. Since most hotels are aware of these slow periods, they sometimes lower their rates even more so that they can fill the hotel. This method is adapted by both the small and large hotels.

If you are really lucky you may even have the opportunity to stay at an expensive hotel at a cheaper price. There are actually some five star luxurious hotels that would offer a cheap rate when it is off peak season. Again, depending on the time of year that you want to travel, you could actually get close to half off on your hotel stay during their quiet seasons.