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Trinidad and Tobago Holidays

Experience the best of both worlds on your next holiday to the twin island state of Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad and Tobago are two fun countries that are situated on the northeast coast of Venezuela in the Caribbean. Trinidad was first discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1498 when it was inhabited by the Arawaks.

Trinidad remained under the control of the Spanish until the British intervened in 1804. Meanwhile over in Tobago the island was controlled by the Carib Indians and after taking being passed back and forth by Britain and France, the island became a part of the British regime in 1814. Today Trinidad and Tobago are two islands that are big on hospitality and tourism. Trinidad is considered the financial district while Tobago is where you would go to relax on the very laid-back island.

Trinidad is larger in size than that of Tobago and it is obvious to see that Trinidad is more enterprising than Tobago. In downtown Trinidad for instance in the capital of Port of Spain, there are many tall buildings that are tastefully designed which add a modern touch to the skyline there. Meanwhile across in Tobago, life is a beach… literally as there are many beachfront properties, tall palm trees and souvenir shops.

Whether you choose to visit Trinidad and Tobago or both islands, one thing is for sure is that you would in for a treat when it comes to exploring when you get there. In Trinidad visit Toco in the southern part of the country and visit the Aripo Caves which is one of the country’s largest caves which house several stalactite and stalagmites. If you love birth watching then you are in for a treat when you visit the Asa Wright Natural Centre where you can get information on the birds and wildlife that live at the centre.

Chaguaramas is on the western side of the country and it is there that you could visit the Chaguaramas Military History and Aviation Museum which is the only military and aviation museum in the Caribbean. Chaguanas is also the location of the country’s military base. See a volcano of another kind; a mud volcano that bubbles and sometimes erupts but is quite harmless which is located at the Devil’s Woodyard. Blue Basin waterfalls are also a beautiful sight to behold and this can be seen at Blue Basin in Diego Martin Valley.

Over in Tobago is the Adventure Farm and Nature Reserve which is a 12 acre estate where one can view birds and wildlife at the sanctuary here. The reserve also has orchards where one can pick fresh fruits. You can also visit Arnos Vale Waterwheel and Nature Park which is a historic 18-century sugar factory that features a mill which is powered by a waterwheel and it also has a nature park.

Things to do in Trinidad and Tobago

If you have never been to Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean then what are you waiting for. The twin island stage has all the trimmings to guarantee that you have good time and enjoy your holiday when you are here. Most who visit the island for the Carnival street parade usually stay in the country just a few days later so that they too can experience the islands and all the beauty that abounds here.

In Trinidad you have a choice of many luxurious hotels to stay in that have amenities that are fit for a king or queen. In Port of Spain and environs alone one can choose from big name hotel chains here which features sauna, rooftop pool, revolving restaurants and pristine rooms.

Over in Tobago, the accommodation there is a bit more reserved with mostly guesthouses which are located close to beaches. Beaches in both Trinidad and Tobago and immaculate and can guarantee hours of fun and relaxation for you and yours. Trinidad has several beaches dotted all over the island with the most popular one being Maracas Bay Beach which has lovely golden sands, clear waters and food bars serving tempting and delicious local sandwiches and dishes. Tobago also has many beautiful beaches namely Turtle Beach which is also great for snorkeling as well. Here one can enjoy hours on the sand soaking up every inch of the gorgeous sunshine.

Both islands are known for their very elaborate festivals and social activities. In Trinidad foodies can always look forward to Taste T&T, an event which showcases some of the island’s most popular foods prepared by local chefs. There is also a Restaurant Week event where patrons can sample foods from various local restaurants as well as they can enjoy discount coupons as well.

The month of May is reserved for Trinidad and Tobago Fashion week where one can see fashions from local and regional designers. In Tobago one can look forward to the Tobago Heritage Festival where villagers representing their specific communities would dress up in costumes of the 1900s. This event sees the best of Tobago’s talent as there are a lot of folk singing along with dancing and feasting.

At this event one can sample some of Tobago’s indigenous dishes including curried fish and dumplings and crab and callaloo, the latter which is a green soup made from a combination of spinach or dasheen leaves, ochroes, coconut milk and crowned with a hot pepper. The Harvest Festival in Tobago also gives one a change to taste the best of Tobago.

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