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Stone Haven Bay Holidays

The beauty of Stone Haven Bay in Tobago can truly convert a casual tourist into a holiday homeowner. For Stone Haven Bay is in the midst of many luxurious resorts and not to mention an attractive beach space with miles of miles of sand; its reclusive feature is one to definitely beat.

More than a place to go swimming and surfing, those who visit Stone Haven Bay go there to catch a glimpse of endangered leatherback turtles when they lay their eggs on the sand. To see these turtles lay their eggs is a big deal for nature lovers; they head out in the night with flashlights and cameras so as to be able to capture the moment on film. Stone Haven Bay is located on the southwestern coast of Tobago and the fact that it is just mere miles from the town of Black Rock and Mount Irvine Bay means that there is a lot of exploring in your future.

The weather is always sunny with a chance of sea breeze to cool you down a bit as you take visit to attractions that are nearby to Stone Haven Bay.

The Botanical Gardens here spans 17 acres of space where there is an abundance of exotic plants that were replanted from those in Africa and South East Asia. You are also sure to find some of the rarest in plants at The Botanical Gardens as well. One of the noted historical sites here is Fort King George, a place that provides a lovely view of the town of Scarborough and the rest of the Atlantic Ocean. At the Fort is a museum where one can learn more about Tobago’s history via a weapon exhibit, old photographs and even artifacts.

Another Fort in the area is Fort Bennett which was constructed by the British and used as a full-scale fort. This fort is poised over both Stone Haven and Great Courland Bays and the views here are spectacular as well.

Don’t leave Tobago without visiting the Rain Forest Reserve that is there. It is one of the oldest reserves of this type in this part of the world and one can find in the reserve in the central range in Tobago. The reserve which was established circa 1800s had gone through a rough moment when Hurricane Flora destroyed some parts of this natural beauty. The reserve comes alive with the sounds of birds as they flutter around and enjoy their natural habitat. Keeping company with the birds are numerous mini frogs and crabs.

Things to do in Stone Haven Bay

You work hard so therefore you owe it to yourself to steal away to the quaint island of Tobago and lose yourself in the scenery and hospitality that the island brings. Located just 15 minutes from its sister island of Trinidad, Tobago is brimming with gorgeous weather and not to mention wonderful beaches that are great for water sports or but also for getting that much-needed tan. Palm trees frame the streets of the narrow roads in Tobago which lead to villages that hold a lot of history. Some of this history is showcased at the Tobago Heritage Festival which takes place on the last week in July.

We happened to arrive on the beautiful island of Tobago just when the Heritage Festival took place - it lasts two weeks in the month of July. The festival showcases the African origins of most of the people in Tobago in the form of different very lively and entertaining events. At this festival one can be part of a festive that include concerts, games, sports, and competitions and of course lots to eat and drink.

Even if you do not get to Tobago during the Tobago Heritage Festival, there are other things that you can do to keep entertained and enjoy every bit of this breathtaking island. Anyone who has visited the island is enthralled by the stunning Buccoo Reef, a coral garden like no other. One can view the corals by snorkelling or they can see it through the glass bottom boats that are also here. For swimming there is the Nylon Pool a place that is said to give one an invigorating feeling when one emerges from the shallow waters.

Near Stone Haven Bay there are a lot of hotels that you can choose from. There is the Mt. Irvine Bay Hotel and Golf Club has a 17 century constructed restaurant, a sauna and large pool with lounging chairs where you can sit and enjoy a glass of fruit punch.

Also close by is the Grafton Beach Resort a hotel which boasts of having a beachfront restaurant where you can sit and watch the beautiful sunset each day. If you desire a luxurious accommodation then it’s really hard to beat Hilton Tobago Golf and Spa Resort. As its name suggests you can tee off at the golf course here or relax and cool your frayed minds at the spa as well.

Nightlife in Tobago is pretty much low-keyed so as a result more people spend time at the restaurants or hotels where there is live entertainment. The restaurants here serve authentic Caribbean and Creole food that consists of fish broth which is a thin fish soup, curried crab and dumplings among others.