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Siparia Holidays

Siparia is a southern town in Trinidad that is a short distance from other towns such as Penal and Fyzabad. The name Siparia comes from the Amerindian word which means “sand city” and this settlement has definitely grown by leaps and bounds. As history would have it Siparia was established back in 1758 by monks from Spain. The monks were said to be in Siparia where they preached the word of the Christian doctrine.

The monks immediately fell in love with Siparia especially because of how close the town was to neighbouring country Venezuela and San Fernando. In San Fernando these months would ascend the San Fernando Hill to perform their religious rituals. Today Siparia is known as a town with over 200 years of Catholicism as the town has a sizeable amount of Catholics that reside there. In addition because Siparia was so close in proximity to Venezuela you would find that the town still has a very strong Spanish influence.

Some of these influences are showcased in the town’s annual events such as Parang and La Divina Pastora. La Divina Pastora is a popular event in Siparia and it was named after a patron saint of the Capuchin missions.

This festival which takes place after Easter is a huge event and it is one that is steeped in the Roman Catholic religion in Siparia. The statue of La Divina Pastora which is depicted with a Black Virgin Mary is also used for worship in the Hindu religion during their Siparia Fete event.

The La Divina Pastora event usually commences with a mass which is followed by a street procession and feast day. During feast day there is live entertainment from bands including the police band, steelpan bands and Parang singing groups as well. Parang is an infectious song that has Spanish lyrics and utilizes basic instruments. Parang music is very popular around Christmas time in Trinidad.

Siparia is truly a scenic place and outside of the Parang and La Divina Pastora festivities it can be a very quiet and laid-back town that is in the midst of agricultural towns and oilfields. The town is also a combination of a market town and commercial centre that serves the many people here. And driving through the city you would find that you would hardly encounter traffic; Siparia is known for one of those towns with the smoothest flow of traffic especially when compared to other neighbouring towns.

Things to do in Siparia

Holiday is all about relaxation and that’s exactly what you can look forward to when you come and stay a while in Siparia, Trinidad. While there are no hotels here, there are quite a few guesthouses that offer you great convenience. If you prefer the large hotel experience then you can always stay at one of the big hotels in San Fernando. Siparia is situated close to many attractions and places where you can visit with the family and enjoy a great holiday together. Siparia does not have a beach of its own but there are a few around the area within short driving distance.

Quinam Beach is one of the more popular beaches in the southern part of the island and it contains a mile long beach with fine brown sands. The waters here are always calm and one would enjoy swimming around here as well. The beach boasts of having several amenities and a few trails that lead to the woods that you can explore as this can optimize your holiday fun.

Vessigny Beach is another option as it is equipped with changing rooms, a weekend snack bar and picnic tables. Head over to Mayaro beach if you enjoy sunbathing on a beach that offers miles and miles of fun. As one of longest beaches in the country, Mayaro is the place that fishermen go to get the catch of the day. And if your holiday calls for some sight-seeing then you can visit the Pointe-a-Pierre Wild Fowl Trust. Get your camera and be prepared to photograph the most breathtaking endangered waterfowl sanctuary that you have ever seen.

The sanctuary is on 25-hectare of land and there is also a learning centre and an eco lodge. The Pitch Lake is also close by and it is a natural phenomenon as it produces natural asphalt which is used to repair and pave roadways and roofs as well. There is also a small museum on the Pitch Lake premises.

Devil’s Woodyard is another place that you should see. It is a volcano of a different kind as it only spews mud. Nothing as its name would suggest, the eruptions here though sometimes large and really harmless. There is a playground here in case you are travelling with children and picnic tables are also onsite so you can plan a pleasant evening with the family. Siparia has its fair share of bars and restaurants where you can enjoy everything from fast food to Chinese and Trinidadian food.

If you are going out to the clubs and do not have the time to sit down and eat at a restaurant then you can have a bite on the go by getting a meal from the food truck vendors on the downtown streets. Everything from hamburgers, to doubles is sold here. Doubles is actually a popular meal in Trinidad. It consists of a tortilla type flour sandwich filled with toppings which may including cucumber, tamarind and hot sauce. The end result is very tasty and satisfying.