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Sangre Grande Holidays

Sangre Grande is a very developed town in the eastern part of Trinidad, a town that is known as a great place for shopping and the prime location to catch transportation to other parts of the country. The name Sangre Grande is translated “Big blood” and it has been speculated that it was so named by the Amerindians and Spanish settlers back then. Other reports suggest that the Spanish surveyors upon seeing how blood red the Oropouche River was, they decided on the name.

Concidentially, Sangre Grande has a neighbouring town that is called Sangre Chiquito or small blood, which was also named because of the small portion of the blood red colour river which flow there.

Many years ago, Sangre Grande was a town with rich cacao cultivation and it even was the location for a railroad terminus making it a popular travel hub. Even though the railways are no longer in operation, one can still see the railroad tracks for nostalgia sake in an area called Railway Road. When you are in Sangre Grande you are never too far way from other big towns. The Eastern Main Road here can take you to different popular towns in Trinidad including Arima, Manzanilla and even to Port of Spain. Downtown Sangre Grande is always abuzz with activity and this is because of the available form of transportation that is there from cars to buses and mini-buses.

There are also a few Governmental buildings downtown that adds to the aesthetics here. If you are interesting in sightseeing, then you would have to journey out of Sangre Grande to do so; sometimes not too far away. Just along the Eastern Main Road in heading to the outskirts of Arouca you can visit a town called Lopinot the home of the Lopinot Complex, which has a French estate that was built back in the 1800s. The complex is really a museum and park that is named after Joseph Count de Lopinot who arrived in the country back then.

This estate has been restored and is a noted tourist attraction that has a lot of beauty Samaan trees that provide great shade for the picnic benches that are there. Not too far away from the museum is the Lopinot Community Centre where one can purchase an array of locally made items.

Also of interest is the Navet Reservoir in Tabaquite which is the perfect place for either hiking or enjoying a picnic or you can choose to do both. There is a stunning lake view there that is hard to miss and one that would do you good especially considering how relaxing it is. Catch an air-conditioned bus or a taxi to Arima and let the driver know that you are heading to Clever Woods. This is an Amerindian tribe settlement.

Things to do in Sangre Grande

Sangre Grande's north eastern location in Trinidad makes it the perfect spot to be when on holiday since it's easy access to many different towns where fun abounds. The first thing you would want to take care of long before arriving there is the accommodation arrangements. Sangre Grande offers quite a bit of bed and breakfast settings and guesthouses as well, the latter which are privately owned homes that have been converted into holiday homes.

In most cases the amenities do not include swimming pool, however if you must enjoy a swimming experience then you can choose to stay at one of the many beach-houses that are not too far away. Those that are close to Sangre Grande are very popular with party promoters on the island, who use the beaches as a party location during the national holidays there. North Manzanilla Beach is one of the more popular beaches which comes alive during these parties. On a normal day though, Manzanilla is a quiet beach where you can sit under a coconut tree and enjoy the ebb and flow of the sea.

The beach has gray brown sand and there are small cliffs that are around the beach. In the middle of the sandy shore is a grassy area that most use for camping and for hosting cookouts as well. Nearby, the road to the other side of Manzanilla beach is framed with very tall coconut trees which sway in the island breeze. When you get to the beach, you would see a few amenities including showers, toilets, changing rooms and there are a few snack bars as well. The seas can be rough due to the rip tides but there are lifeguards who are on hand at the beach. Accommodation isn't far away; in fact there are a few beach houses that are within walking distance from the shoreline.

If you are interested in kayaking or fishing, then nearby Manzanilla is the perfect place to do so at the Nariva River. Sangre Grande offers a lot of places that you can go to do your shopping in the city's downtown area. You will find stores there with an array of clothing for every member of the family imported from the US and Europe as well as you would find clothing from local designers that are tastefully made with the use of cottons and other light materials that are suitable for the predominant weather here.

When it comes to eating in Sangre Grande although there are many fast food and upscale restaurants you really can't beat the price and the variety of the the food that is sold from the trucks on the street. Everything from local foods such as doubles (a taco-like sandwich that consist of chick peas and chutneys), corned soup and souse the latter which is boiled pig or chicken feet. For your nightlife entertainment, there are a few bars in the city and locations where you can party until the wee hours of the morning.