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Port of Spain Holidays

The glitz and the glamour of Trinidad stems in the very commercial yet beautiful city of Port of Spain. Port of Spain is located in the northern part of the country just thirty minutes from the Piarco International Airport.

Downtown Port of Spain is brimming with tall modern office buildings, restaurants and even hotels all of which are on the periphery of the Brian Lara Promenade.

The promenade was named after famed Trinidadian cricketer Brian Lara scored a victory many years ago.. Port of Spain is a busy place with lots of pleasant people going by; if ever you get lost you can always ask someone to help you. Transportation in Port of Spain is very easy to get. You can choose to get to other parts of the island by travelling in a four-seat taxi or you can take a maxi-taxi which is a mini bus. The bus terminal is also downtown and is situated in a place known as City Gate. Most of the public transportation here fully air-conditioned which is a relief especially since it is predominantly humid here.

To beat the heat one can also enjoy ice-cold coconut water which is sold by vendors along the Brian Lara Promenade. The drink is so tasty and refreshing that you would be inclined to purchase more than one. More than a thoroughfare, the Brian Lara Promenade is the location for most free concerts and company expo shows. At the end of the promenade is a waterfront centre with a waterfront park.

On the outskirts of Port of Spain are residential areas which blend with guest houses. Woodbrook is the nearest town and it features many colonial styled homes that are truly a work of art. Ariapita Avenue in Woodbrook is considered the entertainment strip; there are many restaurants and bars here which cater to many tastes. There are also several sight-seeing options in and around Port of Spain.

Head to the Queen’s Park Savannah, a great place to unwind and enjoy, especially when money is limited. Years ago this large roundabout was once the place that people would come to see horse races. Now it’s the ideal location for jogging and there is always some sporting activities going on including cricket and football.

More than that, Queen’s Park Savanah is known for its inexpensive culinary delights that are indigenous to Trinidad. Everything from coconut water, corn soup, pholourie (a flour filled product rolled into balls and fried and served with tamarind sauce), sno-cones and even oysters are sold around the Savannah. Colonial-styled buildings known as the Magnificent Seven are also on the periphery of the Savannah. Making up the seven are Queen’s Royal College, Hayes Court, Milles FLeurs, Roomor, Roman Catholic Archbishop’s House, Whitehall and Stollymeyer’s Castle. The homes of both the Prime Minister and President are also situated here. Have a picnic on the north-end of the Savannah at the beautiful Botanical Gardens, a place where an attractive array of flora abounds.

Not too far away is the Emperor Valley Zoo, a haven for animal lovers that feature many exotic animals. Elsewhere on the outskirts of Port of Spain is Fort George which is where one can go to get a stunning panoramic view of the western part of the country. Fort George has many cannons and there is also a sizeable museum there as well.

Things to do in Port of Spain

Port of Spain is the perfect place for the visiting insomniacs; when the fun is shutting down elsewhere in the world, things are just beginning to heat up even after midnight in Trinidad. Whether you are interested in visiting the nightclubs, theatre, museums and even casinos, Port of Spain has got it all for you.

You can choose to stay at one of the prestigious hotels downtown or at the ones on the outskirts of Port of Spain. The Hyatt on Wrightson Road is a hotel fit for royalty. The bedrooms and lodge feature a stunning sea views and among the amenities here are a spa room, a roof-top pool and fitness centre among other things.

No matter where you stay in downtown Port of Spain you are never too far away from the shopping centres which occupy Frederick Street. Here one can find a variety of designer clothing, jewellery, fragrances and a food court which serves a variety of foods from East Indian to local dishes and Chinese cuisine. If you really want to sample the best in Trinidadian food then you would have to head to the Breakfast Shed on Wrightson Road, a place where several vendors accumulate to sell every dish that Trinidad is synonymous with.

There are many things that you can do when you get to Port of Spain. You can take a free tour of the Central Bank Money Museum to see how the TT currency has evolved over the years. Perhaps you may be more interested in learning about the city’s history at the Museum of Port of Spain. Beautiful beaches abound within a short distance from Port of Spain. There is the famed Maracas Bay Beach, known for its gorgeous golden sands and inviting waters as well as Las Cuevas and Blanchisseuse beaches. For those who want to enjoy these beaches without having to leave early to get back to their hotels, then you can rent one of the beach houses that are close by.

If you visit the island in the months of January or February you would be in time to witness a good Trinidadian Carnival which is described as the “greatest show on earth”. You do not have to be dressed in costume as a member of any of the parading bands; the euphoria of the event can even overwhelm the innocent bystander. The Carnival celebrations last for five days and commences with Carnival for the children on the streets of Port of Spain.

Even if you are not into Carnival, you can lose yourself in other parts of the island as you indulge in other activities. You can take a boat ride in Chaguaramas and enjoy the charm of the western part of the island with its stunning views or you can go hiking in the Northern Range with an expert guide of course. Having a change of clothing, bug repellant and drinking water is highly recommended for your hike. There are over 52 hiking trails for which you can tour.