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Pointe a Pierre Holidays

The southern part of Trinidad could very well be called the oil capital of the country. For there are many oil refineries in that area especially in the town called Pointe-a-Pierre. Pointe-a-Pierre is located a few towns away from San Fernando and Claxton Bay. Pointe-a-Pierre is the home to Petrotrin which is a large state-owned oil company. This developed town was especially built to benefit the employees and families of the oil company. The result is an impressive community that has all the amenities that help to confirm that hard work really has its rewards. Those who work hard at the oil company can look forward to coming home to a neighbourhood that has a yacht club, primary school, a pool, squash and tennis courts and even a golf course.

Indeed, Pointe-a-Pierre is a lovely place to stay for a holiday; the industrial aspect of the town makes the town a bit more interesting. But there is definitely more to Pointe-a-Pierre than just its oil; there are many other attractions here that visitors have enjoyed over the years. You can start your sight-seeing not too far away at the Petrotrin complex where you would find the Pointe-a-Pierre train station. The station, which has been refurbished over the years stands exactly at the same location where the old one stood back in the 1880s. One can take a tour of the replica train here and search room by room to get a feel of how things were back then when people rode the train.

While you are at Petrotrin complex, take the time to see the array of oilfield equipment from the 1950 era. You would see many vintage oil machinery with interesting plaques of information labelled on them.

For the nature lovers there is the Pointe-a-Pierre Wild Fowl Trust which is not too far away from the Petrotrin complex. This wonderful reserve abounds with lakes and nature trails which provide great vantage points for viewing the endangered birds that are there.

The Wildfowl Trust also doubles as a learning centre in that one can source information here about a the living creatures and their habitats. There is also a museum here that is filled with Amerindian findings that would really peak one's interest.

If you proceed further along at The Wildfowl Trust, you would see the stars of the show which are the different species of wetland birds which including the Wild Muscovy Duck, Black-crowned Night Herons, the Common Moorhen and the Great Blue Heron to name a few.

Things to do in Pointe-a-Pierre

Now that you have finally made it to Pointe-a-Pierre, get ready to enjoy holiday that you and your family would be talking about for years. The weather here in Pointe-a-Pierre provides a generous amount of sunshine which is very welcoming especially for those how are visiting during the colder climates in the neck of their woods.

Pointe-a-Pierre has a variety of bed and breakfast and holiday homes to choose from but most really just choose to stay at the Cara Suites which isn't too far away from San Fernando on the outskirts of Pointe-a-Pierre. All you would want to do when you are there is to just lounge around all day for there is a freshwater pool here that offers a fantastic view of the gulf as well as the air-conditioned rooms that are there would definitely bring you some relief after being in the sun all day. Amenities at this hotel also include mini bars in some of the rooms and there is also an impressive restaurant here that serves the best of Caribbean and International cuisine.

After you are all settled in at your hotel or holiday home you may be tempted to journey to the beach. There are many beaches that are close by when you get to Pointe-a-Pierre and you can start with the more popular one which is Clifton Hill Beach. This wide expanse of beach space that has brown sand is not only just good for swimming, but you can actually host a picnic here with your friends and family at one of the picnic tables that are here. Other amenities on the beach include toilets and bathrooms. And situated opposite the La Brea Police Station is Station Beach which is also a good place for a picnic as they also have tables and benches. And if you are in the mood for playing cricket, there is a small cricket field that is nearby.

Even if you never mastered the game of cricket and can hold your own on the golf course, you would be pleasantly surprised to know that there are golf courses that are situated in and around Pointe-a-Pierre.

The Petrotrin Golf Course is an 18-hole golf course which was constructed in the 1970s. Nearby are the Usine Ste. Madeleine Golf Club which has a 9-hole course in neighbouring town Ste. Madeleine and Brechin Castle Golf Club in nearby Couva.

After a game you can quench your thirst by having an iced-cold coconut water that is served straight out of the coconut with a straw. Later on in the day you can head to one of the many restaurants in Pointe-a-Pierre which caters to your fine dining taste as it serves up local cuisine as well as International dishes. If you are not familiar with Trinidadian food, you should request pelau, a dish that consists of a caramelised rice that is mixed with pigeon peas, carrots, bell peppers and your favourite kind of meat that is left simmering in coconut milk. The result is a tasty treat that is the perfect partner to potato salad or slaw.