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Point Lisas Holidays

Point Lisas is an industrial town located in Central part of Trinidad. Near other big towns like Couva and San Fernando, Point Lisas is the home to the Point Lisas Industrial Estate as well as there is a steel mill and numerous methanol, urea and ammonia plants. Point Lisas also has a port which is the second largest in the country and one of the heavily used port as well. The Point Lisas port is the receiving point for containerized cargo that are imported from places such as The Far East, United States and United Kingdom as well.

As much as there is energy based businesses here, it is what makes one appreciate the other parts of Point Lisas, a town that is also popular with tourists because of some of the fascinating sightseeing options that it offers.

Since Point Lisas and the rest of Trinidad enjoy warm weather, you should always try to dress comfortably. Cotton fabrics and flip flops would definitely do the trick and not to mention you can truly do yourself a favour by taking along a few bottles of water. In Point Lisas there is always transportation that you take you to the southern part of the country and even the North to Port of Spain or wherever you need to go. There are quite a few of private and for hire taxis that are available; you get to know that they are on duty when they holler at you from a distance just to let you know which direction they are going. There are also maxi taxis or mini buses that you can take to get to the tourist attractions here in Point Lisas as well as you can board the air-conditioned bus which is roomy and comfortable.

Among some of the sites you can see in or near Point Lisas include the Caroni Bird Sanctuary at the Caroni Swamp which is the home of the Scarlet Ibis, the national bird of Trinidad and Tobago. The Caroni Swamp is also the location for marshlands and over 180 species of birds which include the jacanas, snowy egrets and ospreys to name a few. Monkeys, bats and caimans also call this area home.

This swamp is truly a place worth seeing and you can do so from within your guided boat tour. Next, in the Waterloo area which is very close to Point Lisas you would find The Indian Caribbean Museum, a place that pays homage to indentured labourers whom came from India circa 1800s to 1900s. At this museum one can view old photographs of the labourers as well as clothing, books and cooking utensils. There is also an art gallery and library. The Museum can be found on Orange Field Road, Waterloo within the vicinity of the Temple in the Sea. Admission is free.

Things to do in Point Lisas

There's definitely more to Point Lisas than meets the eye. Known as an industrial town, there is a lot that one can see and do when they arrive in Point Lisas. When you get there you can either stay at one of the larger and more luxurious hotels in Port of Spain that are only 25 minutes away from Point Lisas. Swimming pools, saunas and revolving restaurants are just some of the attractions at most of the hotels in Port of Spain. However, if you are looking to stay at a location that feels more homely, where you can prepare your own meals then you can stay at any one of the vacation homes that are in Point Lisas. You can also head down to the southern part of the island to San Fernando to stay at one of the hotels there if you choose.

There is never a dull moment when you visit Point Lisas. One of the first things that you may want to do is to soak up some sun and warm island water on the beach. Carli Bay isn't too far away from Point Lisas. As a matter of fact it is conveniently located after you get pass the Point Lisas Industrial Estate. At this beach, there is a very narrow shoreline which leads to the sea which is fit for bathing and is also used by fishermen for recreation. You can also find benches at the seafront as well as picnic tables where you can sit and enjoy a meal that you brought along or perhaps you may want to sample some of the snacks that are sold by the vendors that are also on the beach.

For kayaking, it is hard to beat the fun and no doubt the scenery that you would enjoy at The Blue River which is part of the Caroni Swamp. Here, as the many species of birds fly by, including the Scarlet Ibis, you can journey at a relaxed pace and travel throughout the rest of the Caroni Swamp; even to the lakes that are situated in the middle area of the swamp. Exploring the north side of the Blue River is highly recommend; you can get to that restricted area with a permit.

Catch a few hours of rest before heading back out to enjoy Point Lisas and surrounding towns at night. Both neighbouring towns such as Couva and Caroni have their fair share of bars and restaurants that you can choose from. The restaurants here serve both local cuisine as well as regional and international delights. You can also find a few Kentucky Fried Chicken, TGIF and pizza shops as well. Not too far away from Point Lisas is Chaguanas where you can visit Grand Bazaar. Grand Bazaar is a popular mall where you can get everything from clothing, to jewelry and there is even a supermarket there as well. At the mall there is also a nightclub and if you are a betting person, then you can also head over to the casino that is also located there.