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Point Fortin Holidays

Deep in the southern part of Trinidad is Point Fortin, the smallest Borough in the country that is big on hospitality and many villages. Located close to San Fernando, there was a time when Point Fortin was the place that you could get petroleum. To be sure, back in 1906, Point Fortin became very popular when it was discovered that there was petroleum found in this town. It was during these years of growth through the oil industry that Point Fortin became a borough. When the oil boom ended, it not only caused the oil refineries to close but it also saw the start of some really tough economic times.

The economic struggle came to an end when Atlantic LNG constructed a plant called Liquified Natural Gas which helped to bring the economy to previous high standards. Besides that, Point Fortin was also the ideal location for the first tyre manufacturing business by a company called Dunlop. The aforementioned natural gas and tyre company has made such a great impact on the borough of Point Fortin that they have included these successful industries in the words of the Borough’s song and also on the flag.

Driving around in Point Fortin is a peaceful one filled with roads that are shaded by trees on either side. As you drive along it is hard to miss the few new buildings that mix in with the older ones, the latter of which you can still see the old hand painted signs on the front wall of the establishment. Although these buildings are not in use because of its dilapidated state, it actually adds timelessness to the borough of Point Fortin. Therefore it is for this reason that so many people from other parts of the island take the journey to this Borough when they want to get away from it all.

Getting around in Point Fortin is relatively easy as you will always have access to public transportation such as taxi cabs and maxi-taxis which are medium-sized buses. You can also journey through the borough on an air-conditioned bus as well. One thing for sure is that you would not have to worry about finding transportation to start exploring the town. There are many natural attractions to see in Point Fortin and in surrounding towns. The Pitch Lake is one of the more popular attractions near Point Fortin. Situated in La Brea, the Pitch Lake consists of bitumen which comes up to the surface and the result is a black crust that is used to fix the roads, roofs etc.

What to do in Point Fortin

If the fast-paced setting of other parts of Trinidad may be a bit too much for you when you holiday on the Caribbean island then you would truly enjoy the laid-back lifestyle in Point Fortin. One of the first things that you would want to do when you arrive here is to check in at one of the hotels. Point Fortin has a few holiday accommodations boasting one hotel in the downtown area and several guesthouses that are scattered across the borough. You even have the option of staying at one of the bigger hotels in San Fernando. If you are staying at the downtown hotel then you ought to treat yourself to a true and authentic Trinidadian breakfast in the form of doubles. Doubles consists of two pieces of fried flour which is known locally as “barra”.

The delicious sandwich is made from curried chickpeas which is further enhanced with tamarind sauce and sweeten cucumber among other things. Most of these doubles vendor would open their business around five in the morning and they are usually sold out by the time 8 o’ clock rolls around. There are beaches galore in Point Fortin and neighbouring towns. In Point Fortin you would find the Clifton Hill beach which is the place that most would go to have fun swimming or even sitting and watching the big boats that are in the distance.

Near the beach there are several restaurants and shops where you can stop off to get food before laying out on the sand to enjoy it with your friends and family. Remember if you plan to eat on the beach, please dispose of your trash and wait one hour before you go swimming. For more beach options there are close to seven beaches in Cedros which is a nearby town. If you still have some time left over after the beach there are a lot of activities that you can get into. There are many waterfalls about Trinidad that will simply delight you.

The Matura waterfall is one of them and it is situated in the Matura forests. This cascading body of water gets its beauty from the limestone which provides an enchanting backdrop. The water flows and forms a pool below which is good for bathing. Not to be outdone is the Sobo Falls located in Brasso Seco which is a few miles from Point Fortin. The waterfall is 65 feet and is a single flow which makes it unique especially when compared to the other 10 waterfalls in the area. There are also historic places of interest that you can visit and you can start at the Pointe-a-Pierre train station which is situated at the Petrotrin complex in Pointe-a-Pierre.

The station has been refurbished and visitors here can still see the train lines as well for the trains which travelled through the area back in 1882. The station was built in 1885 and it is one of the big attractions here. And while you are there you can also get a two for one treat as there is oilfield equipment that was used back in the 1950s on the same premises. Finally if you adore the Carnival atmosphere filled with every night partying and attending cultural performances then you would love the Borough Day festivities that takes place here on the last week in the month of April.