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Crown Point Holidays

Crown Point is the home to Tobago’s Crown Point International Airport. It is also a town that is situated within close proximity of other towns including Store Bay and Pigeon Point. Crown Point is no doubt the gateway to many days of nights of fun and pleasure in the sunshine on an island known for its peace and serenity and not to mention its enticing beaches that seem to be almost everywhere that you go. The beach in Store Bay is one of the more attractive ones in Tobago as it features a wide expanse of beach space with powder-fine white sand.

The calming waters here makes this beach the perfect place for going swimming and it is clear enough to go snorkelling as well. Conveniently located near the beach is a restaurant and bar as well as souvenir shops that stock a wide range of handcrafted items such as leather and shell jewellery, leather sandals and you may even see a few vendors selling sweet treats that are well received on the island. One of the first places that you should visit is the Grafton Bird Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary is currently situated on a cocoa and coconut estate which was destroyed in 1963 by a devastating hurricane and it boasts of having over close to 200 acres of forestry areas which leads to where one can see wild birds as they feed. The Sanctuary also provides a few hiking trails as well. Over in Bon Accord one would find another one of nature’s gems in the form of the Bon Accord Wetlands, the home to mangroves, ponds and of course a chance to see water birds.

Among the water birds here include different types of egrets, black-bellied whistling ducks and green herons among others. One can’t visit Tobago without exploring a bit of the island’s history and this can be easily done when you visit the history buildings that are here. The 1779 Fort King George in the island’s capital of Scarborough reminds villagers of when the English and French were at war. The Fort also provides a spectacular view of homes beneath and there is also a museum there as well.

Tobago is known for having quite a few sugar plantations one of which is now occupied by the Arnos Vale hotel. Aside from the hotel here, the land has a sugar mill which dates back to the year 1857 and there is also a museum as well. Not too far away is the Arnos Vale Waterwheel and Natural Park where one can view the waterwheel which powered the mill and there is also a natural park.

Things to do in Crown Point, Tobago

Beautiful weather blessed with predominant sunshine, swaying coconut trees that tower over pristine beaches with gorgeous aquamarine waters; you must be in Crown Point, Tobago. Crown Point is a picture-perfect town that is centrally located to other towns that are always abuzz with activities. After leaving the International Airport which is also in Crown Point, depending on where you decide to stay you may be able to actually walk to your hotel and save yourself taxi expense.

The Crown Point Beach Hotel is one of the closest accommodations near the airport and it features apartment styled units as well as over 10 cabanas. Priced to suit your pocket, you are definitely getting more for your money as these holiday apartments offer beach views from either the patios or balconies as well as there are kitchenettes for preparing your own food. In addition the hotel also offers a fresh water swimming pool, tennis court and there is also free internet service so you can keep in touch with your friends and family back home.

Store Bay is located very close to Crown Point and there is a hotel there that is geared to relax your mind, body and soul through a holistic approach. Called the Kariwak Village one can choose to stay in one of the rooms or cabanas that are here with amenities that include a pool, gardens and a gorgeous patio with views. Later when you are settled in you can de-stress with yoga or get a massage or you can engage in some tai chi. These are just some of the therapies that are offered at the hotel.

Tobago is too beautiful a place filled with activities for you to be stuck in your hotel; once you start exploring things to do here, you may never want to leave. Such is the addiction that little island brings; it is a favourite with the Germans and those from Great Britain who have actually invested in businesses here.

On the heels of the Carnival activities that take place in the month of January or February, one can always look out for the commencement of turtle nesting season which continues until September in Courland Bay. This is a big event with nature lovers as they get to see the turtles when they come up to shore to nest and lay their eggs. If you are travelling to Tobago during your Easter holiday then you would be in for a treat as it signals the start of a very unique goat and crab race. Providing social events that all can enjoy the island boasts of having a game fishing tournament, yachting regatta and the Tobago Heritage Festival, the latter an event that showcases the history and culture of the island.

Probably some of the best moments in and around Crown Point in Tobago are times spent getting to experience a day in the life of a Tobagonian and one way you can do this is by visiting the Scarborough Market where most of the villagers congregate to purchase ingredients for their meals and to indulge in some chatter too.

At the market one can get an array of fish, fruit and vegetables and other foods that are indigenous to the island. After “market” shopping is completed, the villagers would head home to cook a meal for a king. Saturdays in Tobago is considered as “soup” day, which has become somewhat of a tradition. The soup consists of cow heel which boiled in the water and also used as the form of meat, dumplings, yams, potatoes, beans, macaroni and coconut milk. The result is a great tasting and satisfying meal that would keep you all filled up well into the night.