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Black Rock in Tobago

Quiet and breath-taking are the two words that best describe the village of Black Rock in Tobago. Located only half hour away from the Crown Point International Airport, Black Rock is a coastal village which means that you are never too far away from the beach. It is located close to half hour away from the Crown Point Airport and Plymouth and Scarborough as well. The village of Black Rock, Tobago was named after a huge black rock which jots out to the sea in Tobago.

When you are in Black Rock you would get the feeling as if time is on pause. There is an unhurried way of life here in a place where natural beauty not human aesthetics, take precedence. Black Rock is a small and intimate village where everyone knows each other and the business places that you see here are very few with perhaps one or two shops and bars scattered within the area. What you would see a lot of though are churches of varied religions. The churches are a clear indication that Tobagonians are deeply religious people to most of them church is their favourite pastime.

Because Black Rock is such a gorgeous village, you would hardly want to spend a minute in your hotel or guesthouse once you arrive. As was mentioned before, natural beauty is what you would get a lot of in Black Rock, Tobago and environs and you can start off your holiday by first visiting the historical Fort Bennett in Black Rock. Fort Bennett overlooks the Black Rock Beach and it is from here that you can see the black rock which jots into the sea.

The Fort was built by the Dutch circa 1600s and was later owned and controlled by the British in the 1800s. Today, Fort Bennett is a good place to visit as it offers a fantastic view of the island. There are still a few cannons there which is a good reminder of the battles that occurred there.

You should still have some time left over to visit the wondrous Buccoo Reef, which most would describe as an “underwater show”. It is truly art in motion as you see a cavalcade of colours as a variety of tropical fish species dart in and out of coral sculptures which include Elkhorn, Staghorn and Starlit to name a few. Fish that you would see here include the queen angel fish whose colour is a bright yellow with accents of blue while the rock beauty fish also has yellow with hints of black as well. The Reef is also home to the parrot fish and trumpet fish as well.

You can also find the parrot fish and trumpet fish. To see this spectacular underwater phenomenon you could either go diving or get an up-close and personal view or you can watch from a glass-bottom boat.

Finally, Tobago is also known for its rainforest which is a must-see. As one of the world’s oldest protected forests, this rainforest is the home to many species of plants and animals. Although visually pleasing it is the sounds emanating from the forests that would definitely intrigue and mystify you. There are guided tours that would take you to this enchanting part of Tobago for a small fee.

Things to do in Black Rock Tobago

Your ideal holiday starts in Black Rock, Tobago, and a quaint tropical island village that is situated on the coastal side of an island that can best be described as “too pretty for words”.

There is a high level of gorgeous in Tobago that should not be taken lightly and one can immediately view this the minute they descend their airplane at Crown Point International Airport. Beaches are aplenty in Black Rock and the rest of Tobago and they are ideally the place you would go for snorkeling, diving and swimming.

There are beaches here that offer places for you to sunbathe and relax as you soak in the brilliant sunshine and spectacular ocean views. Black Rock has a small beach that is just a stroll away for those that choose to stay in a hotel or guesthouse in the area but if you are looking for a large beach that also makes for a great shopping experience then you should visit Pigeon Point Beach. This beach is a sight to behold; it oozes beauty from any angle that you look at it.

With tropical blue waters and pristine sand, this beach also features a stunning jetty where you can walk out into the ocean and take even more fantastic photos. In addition there are a few gift shops here that sell a wide range of souvenir items, beach sarongs and other beachwear and there is also a water sport equipment rental company.

It would cost you a small fee to get in to Pigeon Point beach as the fee covers parking and the use of the facilities but you can be sure that it would be money well spent. When you stay in Black Rock, you can do so at a guesthouse to capture the feeling of being home away from home as these are usually homes bought by residents and converted into a holiday home. Here, these units consist of one and two bedroom units that feature a furnished space where you have amenities that include Internet, phone, and cable and of course a spectacular view of the Black Rock beach in the short distance.

The more luxurious hotels in the area offer fine dining experience, swimming pools, over 100 rooms and garden or ocean views with private terraces. Among the things to do while you are in Black Rock is to go shopping. At the souvenir shops here you can find an array of hand painted tee-shirts to woven baskets and unique purses made out of calabash which is a hard-shelled gourd. Also on sale at these souvenir stores are homemade leather bracelets and no one can leave the island without purchasing a few bags of sweet made with local ingredients.

Market day in Tobago is on Friday and Saturday and here is the perfect place to get your fresh fruit and vegetables on the side of the streets in downtown Scarborough. Fish is also sold in abundance here as well and they are also caught fresh by the fishermen. On occasions, if you happen to be on the beach very early in the morning just a little before the sun comes up, you would see the fishermen working hard “pulling seine” as they say in Tobago.

The act of pulling seine is to throw a net into the ocean and retrieve it with quite a lot of fish inside. Black Rock is also a great place to be especially when their part of the Heritage Festival commences in July. The Heritage Festival showcases the talent and history of each village on the island.

In Black Rock, the Heritage Festival starts off with re-enactments of rituals and followed by a musical street procession featuring music from the steelpan and drums. A perfect end to the procession which got its start at 5am is to enjoy a breakfast of bake (fried dumpling) and saltfish (codfish) sandwich which is usually served with a cup of hot chocolate.